2 Piece Sharpstone Grinder

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Our SharpStone Grinder is simple, small and easy to carry around.  It's made from an aircraft-grade aluminum rod using the newest CNC machining technology.  It's also anodized for a smooth finish.  

Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Sharpstone Grinder (no kief catcher or storage chamber)

Features and Specifications

  • Herb Grinder is small and easy to carry around
  • Sharpstone Grinders are made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rods using top of the line CNC machining technology.
  • Razor-sharp diamond cutting blades to efficiently grind your dry herbs
  • Perfect accessory to use with a dry herb vaporizer
  • Anodized for a smooth finish 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use a two-part Sharpstone grinder?

  1. Sharpstone Grinders in general, are very easy to use.  First, place your dry herbs onto one side of the grinder.  Make sure to press the herbs a little into the teeth.  DO NOT overpack, otherwise, you won't get as good of results.       
  2. After loading the grinder with some dry herbs, close the grinder together like you would with a book.  The razor-sharp diamond cutting blades will cut right through so the two parts will close together easily.  
  3. Next, continue to twist around the parts however you'd prefer.  Basically, the goal is to keep grinding until it doesn't feel like you're grinding anything anymore.  
  4. After you've ground your dry herbs, open up the grinder and begin using your dry herbs.  You can use the dry herbs in a glass pipe or dry herb vaporizer.  It's up to you.

What materials can I grind in a two-part Sharpstone Grinder? 

  • You can grind any type of dry herbs you want in a Sharpstone Grinder, such as sour diesel or og kush. We suggest grinding the best quality you can.  If you grind up moist/wet dry herbs, there may be residue that can stick to the grinder.  It's not a major issue, but it's something that can definitely occur.   

How do I clean a Sharpstone Grinder?

  1. Before cleaning your grinder, you want to make sure you've taken out all the dry herbs and scraped out all the residue and kief. 
  2. Next, detach the two pieces of the herb grinder
  3. Then fill a pot of water and place the Sharpstone Grinder in the pot.  Put the pot on any stove and heat the water until it boils.  
  4. After the water has been boiling for five minutes, you can turn off the stove and leave the grinder in the pot for another 15 minutes.  
  5. When you take out your herb grinder, use a Q-Tip to wipe off any residue that's still on the grinder.  You can use a small cleaning brush and gently brush off any residue that might still be on the grinder.
  6. Finally, you can rinse everything out with warm water in the sink.  Most of the sticky residue should be gone and after everything has fully dried, you can start using your grinder again.


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