What is the Best Vape Starter Kit?

If you are new to vaping, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose your first vaporizer. There are many different options to consider, along with a lot of little features and factors to learn about. The best way to narrow down all of the options is to think about what will matter to you most. Are you switching from smoking to vaping to save money? Are you looking for a better flavor experience? Are you wanting a versatile vape that will allow you to consume more than one kind of product? Do you want a vaporizer that is easy to use and discreet? Or do you simply want something that works well and looks nice?

Your answer to these questions can help narrow down your options when it comes to vaporizer starter kits. All starter kits will typically come with a vape battery and charging cables. However, what’s included from there will depend on what kind of vaporizer you purchase. Read on to learn about all of your best options when it comes to vape starter kits.

510 threaded clear 5 pack of cartridges

Best Value

In terms of the best price, nothing beats a standard vape pen paired with disposable cartridges. These pens hold universal value, because they can be paired with almost any 510 threaded vape cartridge on the market. These vaporizers also have a lower-than-average starting price, which makes them a great battery to pick up if you are new to vaping. They are normally easy to use as well, because they have little to no adjustable features. Oftentimes, these batteries will have just one button to press to turn it on, or they have an auto-draw feature that requires no buttons at all. They are also the most approachable when you are looking into the world of vaporizers. However, because these vape pens can have a shorter than average battery life, it doesn’t hurt to buy two so that you can have one charging while the other is in use. The Steamcloud Stylus Vaporizer starter kit thought ahead when it comes to this. This kit comes with two vape pens to get you started, at a price of under $25, making it the best bang for your buck.

steamcloud pen for sale online

Best Appearance

Looks don’t mean everything, but it can influence what kind of portable vaporizer you want to be carrying around. This doesn’t just come down to the outside appearance, but how you will appear when you use the vape as well. Is the vaporizer loud and flashy? Or can it be concealed in the palm of your hand discreetly? Depending on what you are using a portable vaporizer for, these factors can really matter. This is one of the many reasons that you often see Juul or PAX devices in the hands of vapers. These are sleek, discreet, and come in a variety of colors to fit your personal style. However, these stylish vape starter kits also come with a higher price tag than normal. The PAX ERA device comes with just a battery and micro USB charging cable for $30, and then you have to purchase proprietary oil cartridges to go with it. The cost of being stylish can be high, but it also can be worth it.

desktop vaporizer two top notch desktop vaporizers

Best Experience

The most powerful vaporizers on the market are usually desktop vaporizers. These machines do not cut any corners and take up enough space to easily handle the job they were created for. However, they cannot be used on the go or with disposable vape cartridges. Desktop vaporizers are typically designed to vaporize dry herb, but sometimes can also be used with wax concentrates. They are designed to have enough power to heat the material to temperature quickly and safely. Because there are so many parts to a desktop vaporizer, almost all of them come as starter kits. Many manufacturers also offer individual replacement pieces for when your desktop vaporizer has experienced a lot of use. They also come with one of two standard attachments including ‘whips’ or ‘turkey bags’, which allow you to either inhale through a tube or from a vapor bag, respectively. There is also a standard bowl, similar to what you might be used to seeing on a bong or dab rig. Overall, desktop vapes are a powerful alternative to common portable vaporizers and will offer users the best vapor on the market. However, they also come with a higher-than-average price tag, of around $150 and upwards. If the price doesn’t stop you and you prefer to vape dry herb at home, then the desktop vaporizer starter kit might be the perfect fit for you.

Yocan hive 2.0 vape kit

Best Multi-Use

When it comes to picking a vape starter kit that is the most versatile, you’ll most likely want to take a look at dual-use vaporizers. This kind of portable vaporizer typically allows you to vape oils, waxes, and dry herbs. If you are not yet sure which style you like vaping, then this is a good option for getting started. A dual-use vape will provide you with the convenience of needing to only use one battery to vape a variety of products, and then you can narrow down which product you like best. Dual-use portable vaporizers usually have special attachments for each type of product you are looking to vape, which allows the substance to reach the correct temperature to be vaporized. A good example of a portable multi-use vaporizer is the Yocan Hive 2.0 Vaporizer. The starter kit will get you going with both disposable oil cartridges and a concentrates attachment. You can also purchase a dry-herb cartridge so that you can vape ground up herb when you feel like it as well.

This is just a quick overview of all your options when it comes to getting started with vaping. There are a wide variety of vape starter kits now on the market, and hopefully this helps point you in the right direction. However, if you have more questions, then reach out and ask! The VapeVet Store team is always happy to help point you in the right direction of the right vaporizer for you.

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