Man smoking silicone pipe

Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

by Matthew H November 11, 2020

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Green silicone skull bong and multi color silicone pipe

What is The Point of A Silicone Pipe?

by Matthew H November 09, 2020

What’s the deal with silicone pipes? Why are they suddenly so popular, and why should you own one? We’ll discuss why silicone pipes are on the rise and the best benefits they have to offer!

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Skull Silicone Pipe with Hazard Symbol and Question Marks

Are Silicone Pipes Unhealthy?

by Matthew H October 05, 2020

Silicone pipes are amazing, but are they safe to use? We’ll discuss if there are adverse side-effects to smoking with silicone, and what you can do to keep yourself safe!

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