Pokeman smoking a bong

Cool Pokemon Pipes and Smoking Accessories

by Matthew H September 21, 2020

Looking for something to add a bit of jazz to your smoking routine? We have just the thing! We have a list of some of the coolest, most unique Pokemon accessories you add to your smoking style. Take a look and see which product you want to catch into your collection!

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Glass pipe showing carb hole

Why do Glass Pipes Have Carb Holes

by Matthew H August 22, 2020

Glass pipes are amazing for smoking your dry herb of choice. They are easy to operate and handle, easy to clean, and simplify the smoking experience a great deal. Even though they are easy to use doesn’t mean there will not be questions from novice users. One of the most common questions we get from novice glass pipe users are questions about what the carb hole on a pipe is and how you use one. If that sounds like you, you’ll find the answers in this blog post here.

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What is the Point of a One Hitter Pipe?

What is the Point of a One Hitter Pipe?

by Alexandra F. August 18, 2020

Looking for a discrete way to smoke dry herb?  Look no further.  This article will teach you about one hitters and dugouts which are compact and easy ways to smoke.  Enjoy reading about one hitters.
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What is a One-Hitter?

What Is a One Hitter?

by Chelsea O. December 16, 2019

With so many smoking options available on the market today, it can be easy for one-hitters to be overshadowed by other more elaborate devices such as dab rigs or bubblers. As its name suggests, one-hitters are designed to hold either one or two hits worth of dry herbs. They are one of the simplest and most discreet ways for conserving and smoking your herbs. In order to understand more about these convenient and portable devices, here is a fundamental guide to one of the oldest and most reliable smoking devices.  
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