Is an E-Rig Better than a Standard Dab Rig?

Dabbing has become a popular means of consuming wax concentrates in the past decade. That is why it is not surprising to see many devices that have been developed to improve one’s experience in consuming this waxy byproduct.

Two of the most common contraptions used in dabbing are dab rigs and eRigs. Which among the two is the better device for you? Find that out in this article, so stick around until the end.

First, let us put a definition on what a dab rig is and what an E-Rig is.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is probably one of the oldest devices invented for wax consumption. A dab rig is composed of several parts which are typically made from glass.

First, you have the actual rig. It is a heavy glass piece that can contain water. The water in the rig serves two purposes: one is that it filters the vapor and the other is that it cools down the vapor. The glass rig will have a joint on one end and a mouthpiece on the other.

Next is the banger. The banger is what you put atop the joint and is where the dab or wax concentrate will be placed. Bangers are typically made from high-grade glass as it is the part that is heated to vaporize the wax.

This brings us to the torch. The torch is used to heat the banger until it is extremely hot. When it reaches the desired temperature of the consumer, the wax is placed and vapor is produced.

Other optional accessories can be used to improve your experience including terp pearls and carb caps. Oh, and do not forget dab tools.

What is an E-Rig?

Well, you might have guessed it. An E-Rig is the electronic version of the dab rig. That said, it is considered the modern alternative to the traditional dab rig. An electronic rig does share the same components with its predecessor but some of them have been modified to make way for more modern technology.

Let us start with the base. The base of an electronic dab rig is pretty much like the actual glass rig. It still is made with a high-quality glass material however; it now has a rubber or plastic foundation. The plastic base houses the battery that powers the electrical devices used by the E-Rig.

Next is the heating element. These parts can sometimes be called coils, cups, or chambers. They are attached to the battery which then supplies power to the coils to vaporize the wax concentrates.

There are no torches involved when using E-rigs so, we jump straight to the additional accessories which may include the same carb caps and terp pearls but can also have plastic caps, q-tip pockets, and bags.

Now that you know the differences of both devices, let us look at some points of interest to help identify which among them is the better wax vaporizer.

Dabbing Convenience of Technology

It is no secret that E-Rigs are more convenient than dab rigs. While both devices require some sort of assembly, an E-Rig will be easier to use than a dab rig.

As we covered earlier, a dab rig uses a torch which involves scorching the banger until it is glowing hot. After which, you let it cool and reach optimal vaping temp before you place the wax concentrate using your dab tool.

Now let us picture how an E-Rig simplifies the process.

When using an E-Rig, you simply must turn the device on, select a temperature setting, and sit back until it is ready. What takes skill that needs to be mastered can be done with a push of a button when dabbing with an eRig.

Safety While Dabbing

Alright, this is also a clear win for eRigs. Dabbing with a dab rig can pose potential hazards especially when you decide to torch the banger when you are clearly stoned. Those who push themselves to the limit can be at risk not only of hurting themselves but also of causing damage to their property.

By eliminating the use of a torch and replacing it with an electronic heating element, E-Rigs actually made dabbing a lot safer which is why now many consumers feel confident of using an eRig even if it is their first time.

Precision Dab Hits

Undoubtedly, E-Rigs are more precise than dab rigs. The traditional way of checking the temperature when dabbing with a conventional rig is either to count or to feel the heat from the banger using the palm of your hands.

An E-Rig makes for a more accurate means of dabbing because you can either set a particular temperature level or use the preset temperature profiles programmed in the device. Most of these eRigs also have a display screen showing the temperature level so you are always in the know.

Power of the Puff

Well, this is where E-Rigs can sometimes fall short. These devices can only produce a certain amount of heat, and depending on the model, it can sometimes limit the power of the device and the potency of the concentrates. On that note, hardcore wax consumers still use standard dab rigs with a torch because they produce larger vapors and more potent hits — the kind that knocks you off your socks.

That is why many E-Rigs are marketed as devices that lean towards smoother vapor production that focuses on flavor rather than raw power.

Cleaning the Rigs

In terms of upkeep, both E-Rigs and dab rigs are tied. They both need some kind of effort to make sure they are free from the resinous substance collected by the water. Just be mindful of the electronic parts of an E-Rig as this is something you cannot submerge in water.

Comparison Conclusion

If we look at the factors we considered, it is clear that E-Rigs are better than dab rigs. They are easier to use, they are safer for the consumer, and also more precise when it comes to temperature.

However, E-Rigs are often more expensive than dab rigs so make sure you check out different E-Rigs before you decide to invest in one. We at have a wide collection of dab rigs and E-Rigs so you are sure to find the one that suits you best.

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