How Exactly Does a Gravity Bong Work?

If you were part of the herb smoking scene in college, then you’ve probably come across a gravity bong or two at house parties. These bongs are typically made with two plastic bottles and designed to pack the biggest hits possible. If you’ve smoked from a homemade gravity bong before then you’ve probably also experienced the headrush of a high washing over you. Gravity bongs are one of the most powerful smoking devices created, but what makes them so effective? Read on to learn the ins and outs of how gravity can help you take the largest hits of herb you’ve ever experienced.

What Makes a Gravity Bong Different From A Regular Bong?

A gravity bong is not recommended for beginners or even the average herb smoker. Instead, it is reserved for those who have the highest herb smoking tolerance. This is because a gravity bong packs all the smoke from one bowl into a single hit from the bong. It’s like loading a snapper bowl, but instead of a pinch of herb you pack the punch of an entire gram. Gravity bongs will get you higher than your average water bong due to the large amount of concentrated smoke they can create.

Another difference is that a gravity bong is not made or used in the same way as a normal water bong. When made with a plastic bottle, a gravity bong is submerged in water and then pulled up slowly to create a thick cloud of smoke. The bottle is then pushed slowly back into the water so that you can inhale the largest cloud of smoke you’ve probably ever attempted. The water works to propel the large cloud of smoke into your lungs more easily than if you were pulling through a traditional bong.

How Do You Make a Gravity Bong?

To give you a better understanding of how gravity bongs work, it might be best to take a look at how a DIY bongs are made. Although gravity bongs have been created out of a variety of objects, most people opt for the traditional plastic bottle setup. The ideal bottle to use though is a 16 to 20-ounce bottle with a screw-on cap. You’ll also need another bottle that is slightly larger than the first, a bucket, or a large body of water to pull your gravity bong out of. Other than that you just need some aluminum foil, a sharp knife, ground herb, a lighter, and a little ingenuity to make a gravity bong.

You first want to cut the very bottom off of the bottle you are using as your gravity bong. Be sure to not trim too much off, since the remaining bottle will act as the “neck” of the bong that will contain the smoke. Then you’ll want to take the cap to the bottle and make a small hole in it, large enough for air but small enough to prevent your herb from falling through. Then make your bowl out of aluminum foil on top of this hole in the cap. Poke a few small holes in the aluminum foil bowl and load it up with herb. Now your homemade gravity bong is ready to rip!

The trickiest part of a gravity bong is learning how to hit it. It’s not that intuitive and it can be helpful for a pro to show you the first time you approach one. You’ll want to submerge the “bong” in as much water as possible, without getting too much water in the bong and having a wet bowl. Then you screw the cap bowl on, light the bowl and slowly pull the bottle up out of the water to fill the bong with smoke. Remove the cap and push the bottle back into the water slowly as you inhale the hit from the bottle opening. Then sit back and wait for the rush of a high to hit you.

Where Can You Buy a Gravity Bong Instead?

If DIY projects are not your thing, or if you don’t like hitting a homemade gravity bong, there are versions you can buy online instead. The Bukket Gravity Bong is powered with air instead of water and is a whole lot easier to use and transport than a homemade gravity bong. It stands at three and a half inches when compact and 20 inches when fully extended, providing you with a wide range of hit sizes. It works in a similar fashion as a gravity bong powered by water, but all you have to do is push down on the accordion structure and allow the smoke to be propelled easily into your lungs. To load the Bukket bong with smoke, you pack the bowl when it is in its compressed position, light the herb, and then expand it slowly to draw smoke into the bong. The Bukket is an ultra-compact and transportable alternative to a plastic bottle gravity bong, and one that is sure to be a hit at house parties.

Now that you know how a gravity bong works, you can decide if it’s a good fit with your smoking style. If you prefer strong hits straight to the head though, then the Bukket Gravity Bong is a perfect match for you. Just be sure to have some water to sip on after one of these powerful hits!

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