Do Detox Kits Really Work and How Fast?

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a fast and easy solution to detox your body. You could be starting a new health cleanse, working to rid harmful toxins from your body, or simply trying to pass a drug test. No matter what the reason is for you looking into detox methods, you have probably come across countless detox kits that claim to work wonders. These detox kits are advertised and designed to work fast. But how exactly do they work? And what is happening within your body to make them work? Read on to learn more, before you pick up a detox kit and hope it is the miracle you’ve been looking for.

How Does a Medical Detox Work?

The process of detoxifying your body includes removing all toxic substances from your system. Although you may no longer be feeling the effects of an intoxicant in your body, it can still be metabolized and present in your body. You can detoxify your body by either using a detox method that accelerates the process or by allowing it to happen naturally. With time, your body will work to naturally rid itself of any harmful toxins present.

How to Detox from Herb, Edibles, Dabs or Vaping

When it comes to smoking dry herb, ingesting edibles, dabbing wax, or vaping oil, the cannabinoids ingested are considered toxins to your body. It will therefore work to rid the bloodstream of these cannabinoids. However, in the meantime, they are metabolized and stored in your fat cells. It takes an average of 30 days or longer for your body to process the stored cannabinoids and detox your body naturally. It can be safe and effective to allow cannabinoids to leave your body naturally though, with enough time. But what if you want to speed that detox time up? Will a detox kit work to help you achieve a medical detox?

How Does a Detox Kit Work?

To undergo a full medical detox, you will need to not only rid your body of potentially harmful toxins but also do so under the supervision of a medical professional. A hospital, rehab center, or detox location can provide the support, counseling, and medication needed for a safe detox. However, if you just smoke dry herb, dab, vape, or take edibles, you can usually safely detox your body without medical supervision. But can you use a detox kit without medical supervision?

A Detox Kit versus A Medical Detox

Detox kits are designed to be easy to use at home and come in the form of either pills or liquids. They can be found on the shelves at many drugstores and used without medical supervision. However, that is because they are not designed to provide medical solutions. You can think of a detox kit more as a cleanse than a medical detox tool. They are designed to work within 90 minutes and offer a window of time for passing a drug test without any trace of cannabinoids in your system. That window of time can be anywhere from five hours to seven days, but the results are only temporary. So, will a detox kit work for you and your goals with detoxing?

So Does A Detox Kit Actually Work?

Determining if a detox kit will work for you will depend on the reason why you are detoxing, and the results you are seeking. If you want to achieve a medical detox of your body, then you will need to detox your body the old-fashioned way. You just have to wait it out. It takes an average of 30 days of not consuming dry herb, edibles, wax, or oil, and allowing your body to rid itself of any metabolized cannabinoids. You might try to accelerate the process with home remedies like drinking cranberry juice or exercising, but time will be the best solution.

A Kit Can Help Pass a Test and Not Detox

However, if you are just looking to pass a drug test and not actually detox your body, then a detox kit just might do the trick. Which kit will work best, and how much you should take will depend on your body weight, consumption rate, and consumption method. You must consume enough of the detox pills or liquid and then wait the specified amount of time on the package for your body to process the product. You can then take a urine-based drug test, while still having cannabinoids present in your body, but not have them appear on the lab results. This is because the detox kit floods your urine sample with other compounds that essentially confuse the test. So, you are not cleansing your body of toxins with a detox kit, instead, you are flooding your body with additional compounds that will drown out the cannabinoids present.

So, a detox kit will work to help you pass a drug test, but it will not work to detoxify your body. Taking a detox kit is still a risk though and generally not recommended by doctors. The best way to pass a drug test is to allow your body to detox naturally with time. Or you can opt to switch to CBD products for 30 days instead, as long as they include 100 percent, hemp-based CBD.

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