Can You Put Water in a Sherlock Pipe?

Sherlock pipes offer awesome features that are hard to find in other pipe designs. Their deep bowls are perfect for long, relaxing smoke sessions, and their unique, artistic designs are some of the most eye-catching you can find! With a variation of designs comes a myriad of questions, however. With stems that curve so deep, many smokers ask if sherlock pipes can use water filtration. Let’s take a look at the answer!

Can You Put Water in a Sherlock Pipe?

You cannot put water in a standard sherlock pipe. While the stems of certain pipes may look especially deep, they will not work for a water reservoir. They either will not be able to hold enough water for there to be any noticeable filtration, or the water will get onto your dry herbs or in your mouth. Despite how deep their stems go, putting water in a standard sherlock pipe is a recipe for disaster.

However, just because a standard sherlock pipe cannot use water does not mean you need a different style of pipe. Sherlock bubbler pipes are a popular option that might be just what you are looking for! Sherlock bubblers merge the unique design of a sherlock pipe with a water reservoir perfect for water filtration. Sherlock bubblers look different when compared to standard sherlock pipes (because of the dedicated water reservoir), but they still offer an incredible style that many sherlock pipe fans love!

What Other Styles of Sherlock Pipes Are There?

Aside from standard sherlock and bubbler pipes, you can expect to find several other styles of sherlock pipes while you shop!

Mini Sherlock Pipes

Mini sherlock pipes are perfect if you love the design and the features of a sherlock pipe but need something more discreet and easier to travel with. Though they are smaller, meaning they can handle less dry herbs at a time, they still provide deeper bowls than other classic styles, fantastic airflow regulation, and the trademark stem style that so many sherlock pipe fans love!

Stand-Alone Sherlock Pipes

If you love the idea of having a long smoke session but hate the idea of having to hold your pipe the entire time, stand-alone sherlock pipes offer an enticing solution. They have little knobs near the dip of the stem that allows the pipe to stand upright on its own. Since stand-alone sherlock pipes tend to be larger, a feature allowing them to stand on their own is great while you relax during a leisurely afternoon of smoking!

Glass, Metal, and Wooden Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes can also be found in a wide variety of materials. The original sherlock pipe (famously used by Sherlock Holmes), was wooden and intended for use with tobacco. In today’s world, you can still find wooden sherlock pipes for tobacco, but you can also find glass and metal pipes for a wide variety of different dry herbs. Each material has its own pros and cons of use, so consider what you want to smoke and what you want out of your pipe before you buy one!

What to Look Out for When You Own a Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes are incredible pieces of art, but that does not mean they are without their challenges. If the following potential problems are dealbreakers for you, you may want to consider a different style of pipe.

Sherlock Pipes Can Be Difficult to Clean

Because of all the twists and dips sherlock pipes are famous for, they can present a significant cleaning challenge. Soaking your pipe in a cleaning solution is the best way to give it a thorough wash, but letting residue build up too much between cleanings can be a problem. If you have stubborn residue in a hard to reach place in a sherlock pipe, you will need a pipe cleaner and patience. You could also try using salt-water as a gentle abrasive, but the best option is regularly cleaning it to avoid excessive residue buildup.

Sherlock Pipes Are Hard to Travel With

Except for silicone sherlock pipes, most styles are not meant for discrete traveling. Their large, unique designs make them difficult to pack. If you need a portable pipe, you should consider a style that caters to travel, like a chillum or spoon pipe. If you just want a pipe for at-home smoking, sherlock pipes are a great choice!

Where Can I Find Sherlock Pipes?

As sherlock pipes grow in popularity, so too will their availability. However, it is still difficult to find sherlock pipes in a physical retail location. We recommend you shop online where availability is consistent, and your options are broad. That includes here at, where your sherlock pipes will come with always free U.S. shipping with no purchase minimum required!

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