Vape Mouthpiece Sleeves

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Mouthpiece caps are great to use if you're sharing your portable vaporizer with a friend. This listing comes with three mouthpiece caps so that when you go to a party, you can share your vaporizer with a group of friends.  

Listing Includes

  • 3 silicone mouthpiece extension sleeves

Features and Specifications

  • These Mouthpiece sleeves can be used with the following portable dry herb vaporizers
    • Apex and Apex Pen 2.0
    • Titan I and Titan II 
    • G Pro
    • Kpen
    • Wulf Vape 
    • Tundra

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Apex mouthpiece caps?

  • The Apex mouthpiece caps are very easy to use.  After you've loaded your dry herbs into the chamber and snapped your mouthpiece on, put your Apex mouthpiece on top of the plastic mouthpiece.  When you turn on your vaporizer and reach the desired temperature, you can begin vaping through the mouthpiece cap.  

How do I clean the Apex mouthpiece caps?

  • The apex mouthpiece caps never get so dirty, however, after your friends' have used it, you should clean the mouthpiece with disinfectant so that other friends can use it.  No need to throw them away and buy new mouthpiece caps.  

How are these mouthpiece caps compatible with many other dry herb vaporizer devices?

  • The Apex and Apex Pen 2.0 are vaporizer models that a lot of other companies sell.  They just sell those models under a different brand name.  There are many manufacturers of these vaporizers, but the injection molds of the outer vape parts are all the same measurements.  As a result, our mouthpiece caps can fit any of the top branded portable dry herb vaporizer devices.   

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