Martian Bubbler for Blunts

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The Martian Bubbler for Blunts is one of the best creations on the market. Instead of smoking a blunt or joint from its end, you can now place it in this bubbler device to get water filtration and smoother hits. Our Martian Bubbler is made of heat-resistant silicone and can be taken around anywhere you go. We have three colors available for you to choose. Buy one now before we run out!

Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Silicone Martian Bubbler 

Features and Specifications 

  • Can Be Used with Blunts and Joints 
  • Water Filtration System 
  • Small and Easy to Take Around 
  • Made of Heat Resistant Silicone 
  • Silicone is High-Quality and Food Grade 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Buy a Martian Bubbler for Blunts? 

  • It's almost a no-brainer to buy a martian bubbler because you can take smoother hits with the water filtration functionality and it is completely indestructible.  On top of that, this product is inexpensive and easy to take around with you. It's worth it on all levels. 

How to use a Martian Bubbler for Blunts

  • Using the Martian Bubbler for Blunts is really easy to use.  Just fill the device with a little water. Place your joint or blunt on the larger hole opening.  Once it's snuggly fit, you can light up your blunt or joint and begin smoking. 

How to Clean a Martian Bubbler for Blunts

  • Cleaning the Martian Bubbler for Blunts is super easy.  You can throw it right into the dishwasher. If you have 420 cleaner, you can use a little of that to quickly remove the residue. The third option would be to clean it by hand. If you use any cleaning agent, make sure you thoroughly rinse it. 


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