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The Golden Flask is a bottle filled with top quality synthetic urine. It looks and feels so much like real urine that you couldn't tell the difference. You cannot contract any infectious diseases from this product and it is chemically similar to real urine too.

Synthetic Urine Golden Flask Kit Includes 

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  • 1x Premixed Personal Golden Flask filled with over 4oz of synthetic urine 
  • 1x heat pad to help bring the fluid to a realistic temperature (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 1x Instruction Manual 

Features and Specifications 

  • For both men and women 
  • Synthetic urine contains ingredients found in real urine, such as uric acid and creatine. 
  • Synthetic urine is balanced for specific gravity, Ph, and has foam and scent.
  • Temperature strip comes pre-applied on flask for easy reading. 
  • Product is stable for one year in fluid form
  • Feels and smells just like real urine. 
  • Easy To Use 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use the Golden Flask?

  • Remove the heat pad from the outer protective wrapper and shake to activate.
  • Place upright along the length of the bottle and secure with the enclosed rubber band. 
  • Place the Golden flask bottle in an undisclosed area, such as your pocket, to maximize heating results. It takes about 1 hour to reach the ideal temperature. The heat pad will maintain that temperature for about 7 hours. 
  • When the temperature reads 96-100 degrees Fahrenheit, the Golden Flask is ready to use.  
  • If faster results are required, you can microwave the Golden Flask bottle for 10-15 seconds. 
  • If no color appears on the temperature strip, remove the heat pad and allow cooling until you see the GREEN indicator. 

Does the Golden Flask Work?

  • Of course, this works. This product was manufactured by the creators of The Whizzinator. They have been developing this product for over 15 years and have one of the best reputations amongst this product category. You can count on this trusted product for all kinds of scenarios.