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Rick and Morty pipes are becoming more and more popular. They are hilarious and look super cool on any smoking accessory. Choose from a variety of options and enjoy this cool collectible glass spoon pipe. 

Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Rick and Morty Glass Pipe 

Features and Specifications 

  • Made of High-Grade Borosilicate Glass 
  • Carb Hole built on the left side of the spoon pipe  
  • Available in a Variety of Rick and Morty Images
  • Easy To Use 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use a Rick and Morty Pipe 

  • Using the Rick and Morty pipe is easy. First, use an herb grinder to grind up your dry herbs 
  • Next, pack the Rick and Morty pipe with dry herbs. 
  • Use a lighter with one hand and hold the spoon pipe in the other with your finger over the carb. 
  • While the flame is lighting, inhale from the mouthpiece and once you feel you've inhaled enough, remove your finger from the carb hole and breathe in the rest. 

How to Clean a Rick and Morty Pipe 

  • There are a few ways to clean your Rick and Morty Pipe. The easiest way is to use 420 cleaner. If you don't have any, then isopropyl alcohol would be the next best alternative. For these types of solutions, you are putting it into a Ziploc bag and shaking the spoon pipe around to remove the residual dry herbs. 
  • If you don't have any kind of cleaning solution, then using a pot of boiling water will help remove the residual dry herbs. Then just use a small cleaning brush to remove as much resin as you can. 

Why Buy a Rick and Morty Pipe

  • Rick and Morty pipes are one of the coolest collectibles a Rick and Morty fan could buy. That's the key reason why you should buy a Rick and Morty glass spoon pipe. The bowl hits like a champ too.