Glass Screen Filters

Glass Screen Filters for Vape Pens

Stop combusting and start vaping - Glass Screen Filter for Atmos Rx, Atmos Jr, Atmos R2, Yocan 94F, and AGO G5 vape pen.


Which Size Will Fit My Device?

We know there's no shortage of options out there, but in general, these are the best fits for different sized pens:

Please note: due to the overwhelming number of vape pen models out there, we have only confirmed these screens for use with the models listed below. Please measure or compare your own device's heating chamber to determine the appropriate size for different model vaporizers. Also, keep in mind that these glass screens are made for use with regular batteries. The heat provided by variable volt batteries may cause damage.

Small screens (0.7cm / 7mm):

Atmos Rx, Atmos Jr, AGO G5 Pen


Medium screens (0.9cm / 9mm):

Atmos R2, Yocan Mak, Cloupor, V-hit


Large screens (1.2 cm / 12mm):

Yocan 94F and other very large chambers 

How They Work

The glass screen filter helps prevent portable vaporizer pens, such as the Atmos Raw Rx / Jr / R2, Ago G5, and Yocan 94F / Mak dry herb vaporizers, from combusting by preventing direct contact between the heating coils and your herbs--allowing for vaporization through conduction. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Place 1-3 glass screen filters directly onto the heating coil
  2. Grind your herbs and place them directly onto the glass screen filter
  3. If you're using just 1 glass screen: Begin heating the chamber and start slowly inhaling almost immediately. If you wait too long, you may combust.
  4. If using 2-3 glass screens, you'll lessen the risk of combustion, but it increases how long you must heat the chamber.
  5. Continuously heat the chamber for 10-20 seconds. You must bypass your battery's automatic shut-off (which occurs after about 7 seconds) by releasing the power button just before the battery shuts off, then rapidly press and hold it again
  6. After about 15 seconds, slowly inhale. You should inhale vapor (which you can taste and see when exhaling)
  7. If it tastes like smoke, you've combusted, and you should trying using more screens, or heating the chamber for less time
  8. If you get no vapor, try using fewer screens, or heating the chamber for a longer period of time
  9. If you need help, check out our video demonstrations below.


About the Different Sizes

We have glass screens in 3 sizes to fit 3 common sizes of heating chambers and coils. The screens are custom-made to cover the heating coil for the devices sold at our site and are described below.

The glass screen itself does most of the heat transfer, however, all 3 sizes have holes to allow more heat to transfer between the coils and the screen.

There are 7 small holes in each of the screens (about 1 mm in diameter) and each screen is about 0.7-1.0 cm thick. Best results usually come from placing 2 screens inside the chamber.

The glass screens are designed to easily fit inside a range of heating chambers and cover the heating coils. They are available in multiple sizes: 0.7 cm diameter for the Atmos Rx and Jr devices, 0.9 cm diameter for the Atmos R2 and Yocan Mak pens, and 1.2 cm diameter for the Yocan 94F.

Why Use Glass Screen Filters?

Despite being labeled dry herb vaporizers, most portable pens actually combust herbs on contact. This is because the heating coils make direct contact with the herbs, which naturally causes them to burn.

A glass screen filter acts as a barrier between the herbs and the heating coils. This allows for vaporization through conduction. The glass screen is heated by the coils, and then the herbs are heated by the glass screen. This then causes the herbs to produce vapor that you can inhale.

Tutorial / Demonstration

See how to vaporize using your Atmos Rx, Yocan 94F or Mak, or Ago G5 vaporizer pen and the glass screen filter:

Vaping with glass filter tutorial 1

Glass filter vape tutorial 2


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