5x Micro G Pen Dry Herb Atomizer

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Our replacement dry herb atomizers for the Micro G Pen come in the color Black and Green.  They are pancake style vape coils and are fully compatible with both the Micro G Pen and our screw in Pocket Vape Pen.  We sell FIVE vape coils at a time since they are the most replaceable vape parts of this vape pen device.  

Features and Specifications

  • Comes in Both Black and Green
  • Compatible with both the Micro G Pen and the Pocket Vape Screw in Kit
  • Dry herb Atomizer is a pancake style coil.  
  • All of our vape coils are high quality and inspected before shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the dry herb atomizer for the Micro G Pen?

  1. The Dry Herb atomizer for the micro g pen is very easy to use.  First, you want to take off the screw cap of the atomizer.  Then you want to screw the dry herb atomizer onto the battery.  Press and hold down the power button and if you see it heat up, it's ready to be used.  
  2. Once you know it's ready for use, grind up your dry herbs with your herb grinder. After that, you want to fill the dry herb atomizer with your ground material.  No need to overpack it.  Otherwise, you will have airflow problems when using your vape pen.  
  3. Once you've filled your dry herb atomizer with dry herbs, you want to screw the coil cap back on and then put your micro g pen mouthpiece over the atomizer. Finally, press and hold down the power button. After two seconds you may begin vaping your dry herbs.  

How do I clean my dry herb atomizer for the Micro G Pen?

  • Cleaning any dry herb atomizer is very easy.  First, you want to make sure you've emptied out your residual dry herb material and then you want to use a cleaning brush to scrub off any remaining dry herb residue on the walls of the heating chamber.  After that, you can use a Q-TIP to clean the walls.  BE CAREFUL with the pancake style vape coil.  If you poke at it too hard, you will risk damaging it.

How often do I need to replace my dry herb atomizer for the Micro G Pen?

  • It really depends on how much you're using the atomizer and if you're taking care of it every time you load and unload the heating chamber.   For those that are very careful with their vape parts, their vape pens generally last a very long time.  We've had customers that have never needed to buy dry herb atomizers again.  We've also had customers that buy our dry herb atomizers every 4-6 months.  Make sure you're very careful with your vape pen and don't poke too hard at the coil.  These dry herb atomizers should last a long time.  

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