Vaporizer HandBook

Tips and Guides

Getting the most vapor from your herbs

For the most part, loading the chamber of your vape and turning the device on will produce good vapor. But for the maximum amount, try these tips out.


Using Glass Screen Filters to Produce Vapor with Your Vape Pen

Many vape pens will combust unless you use glass screen filters to prevent direct contact with the coil. Here's a full tutorial.


Combustion vs Conduction vs Convection: Is Your Vape Pen a Vaporizer?

Your guide to understanding the difference between vaporizing and combusting, and which types of devices do which.


Product Comparisons

Vape Vet Store Complete Buyer's Guide

This is a comprehensive list of all our products, with the most important characteristics for you to compare.


Atmos Rx vs Atmos Jr vs Atmos R2

See a definitive list of all the differences between these popular Atmos products


Micro G Pen vs Cloud Pen

These two devices appear to be the same. See what differences set them apart.


Maintaining Your Vaporizer

How to Fix a Broken Atmos Heating Coil or Battery

Although rare, some people occasionally run into a problem with the heating coil or battery for their Atmos or similar device. Luckily, there are some simple (free) solutions to the problem that only take seconds.


More articles, guides, and tips are on the way!