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We use and love all the vaporizer devices we offer, so check out some of our favorites, including the Apex True Dry Herb Vaporizer, (see the Apex Vaporizer Review here), the new Flowermate V 5.0 Pro, and the wax vape pen with the best quality coils, the Pocket Vape Pen.

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We are Authorized Resellers for all of our portable vaprizers and e-cigs, and therefore, offer a 1-Year 100% Warranty for manufacturer's defects on all purchases, with a 30-Day No Hassle exchange policy.


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We try to offer the best value we can for all of our products. If it looks like our prices are more than another retail site, we encourage you to look a little closer. Are they offering free shipping? Good warranties? How about same-day shipping, or complete kits with batteries, chargers, and accessories (like glass screen filters)? Or--do they simply ship the bare minimum? Remember, the lowest price isn't always the best value.


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We are dedicated to providing you the best customer service, fast shipping, and discovering great deals on popular and new portable vaporizers and e-cigs for both dry herbs, wax, and e-liquid / e-juice. We've been using these devices for a while and gained some great experience and insights that we can also share with you should you have any questions or need a recommendation. 


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