2x Micro Vape Pen Travel Kits

Orange Camo

We have two Micro Vape Pen travel kits ON SALE for only $49.99.  Each vape kit comes with three extra ceramic rod vape coils. We have only six colors left. Buy these vape pens now before we and shipping is FREE too! 

This is the best vape deal you can get right now. You're buying 2 vape pen kits for a very low price.  

Each Micro Vape Pen Kit Includes

  • FREE US SHIPPING - Priority and International Shipping Options Available1 Micro vape pen equipped with a ceramic rod coil
  • 3x extra ceramic rod coils
  • 1x dab tool with no stick cover
  • 1x silicone wax container
  • 1x retractable usb charger
  • 1x a/c wall adapter
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x protective travel case

Features and Specifications

  • for use with shatter and wax concentrates
  • Heating Elements (atomizer/coils): coil wrapped ceramic rod
  • Micro Vape Pen Dimensions:
    • Length: 4 inches
    • Width: .625 inches
  • Travel Case:
    • Length: 6 inches
    • Width: 2.5 inches
  • Battery Capacity: 360mah


Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Charge the Micro Vape pen battery

  • Plug the usb charger into a power source and then connect the other end into the charging port on the bottom of the micro Vape pen. The light on the bottom of the vape will light up red and it will turn off when the vape is fully charged. NEVER over-charge your battery or leave it charging overnight. It should only take 2-3 hours to fully charge. Keep your battery in a cool dry place for best use.

How to turn the Micro Vape Pen ON and OFF

  • Press the power button 5 times quickly in a row to turn the vape pen ON and OFF. This is a safety feature to make sure it does not activate in your pocket or bag.

How to load the ceramic rod vape coil

  • Carefully load your shatter or wax concentrates into the coil. It is best to accumulate a small ball with a dab tool and then scrape it into the coil dish. Once in the dish, GENTLY push it towards the center of the heating element. DO NOT over-pack or smother the coil and avoid poking the coil directly.

How to take care of the micro vape

  • The battery is the power source of your vaporizer. Treat it with care. DO NOT over-charge and NEVER leave your battery charging overnight. Store it in a cool dry place for best use and optimal durability.


  • YOU MUST make sure to BE CAREFUL when cleaning your micro vape pen.  The best way to clean your vape coils is to keep heating up your coil to burn off the shatter or crumble residue.  Overtime, there will be some residue that's really hard to burn off.  At that moment, you can decide to buy a new quartz rod coil or keep using the current one, but UNDERSTAND that the coil won't produce the optimal taste.  That's just the way it is with wax vape pens.  
  • WHY BUY THE Micro Vape Pen Travel Kit?

    • The ceramic rod coils help pull a delicious taste from your concentrates and the portability of this vape is unmatched. Because of it's small size and portability, it's also super discrete and convenient for when you're trying to vape in public. The travel case also helps prevent any damage to the vapes.

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