AGO Jr Mouthpiece (Assorted Colors)

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The AGO Junior mouthpiece is a common vape part to replace, especially if you're using the AGO JR vape pen for wax.  This mouthpiece is also compatible with the Atmos JR vape pen.  What's even better is that we have so many colors to choose from that you can make your Atmos Junior look stylish.  

Listing Includes 

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  • 1x silicone mouthpiece
  • 1x heating chamber connector

Features and Specifications

  • Small Holes in the chamber connector provides the perfect airflow to vape wax or dry herbs.
  • The mouthpiece is compatible with both the AGO JR and Atmos Junior Vape Pen
    • Threading: Atmos Thread 
    • Length: 1.125 inches
    • Width: .5 inches
    • The chamber connector is NOT compatible with 510 threaded heating chambers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to use the AGO JR Mouthpiece

    • The AGO JR mouthpiece is very easy to use.  If you're using dry herbs, first load the heating chamber with dry herbs.  Then screw on the mouthpiece.  Press and hold the power button.  After two seconds, you may begin vaping. 
    • If you're using your AGO JR or Atmos Junior vape pen for wax, then there is a few more bits of information.  First, use a dab tool to put your shatter or crumble in the heating chamber.  BE CAREFUL loading because if you poke the heating chamber too hard, you will damage it and can't use the wax pen.  After your chamber is loaded, screw on your mouthpiece.  Then press and hold the power button.  Two seconds later, you can start taking your vape hit.  
    • There's another thing to NOTE if you're using wax with your Atmos Jr Vape Pen. The mouthpiece will eventually have residue build up in the chamber connector. When you notice there is a sizeable amount in there, use a dab tool to scoop out the wax.  Then put it in the heating chamber.  Screw on the mouthpiece. Press and hold the power button.  After two seconds, you can get a nice resin hit with your vape pen.  

    How to clean the AGO JR Mouthpiece

    • The AGO JR mouthpiece is not the most fun vape part to clean if you're using wax. Over time when you use your AGO JR or Atmos Junior vape pen, there will be a lot of residue in the chamber connector.  Make sure to scoop as much of it out as you can and then vape it again.
    • If your mouthpiece gets to the point that it's constantly getting clogged, then it's time for a cleaning.  First, you'll need to remove the silicone mouthpiece.  Next, you there are two different things you can do with the chamber connector.  One is using a lighter or blowtorch so it's easy to wipe away the wax.  The other thing you can do is boil it in water.  For the silicone, we recommend boiling it in water and then it should be easy to wipe away the wax.
    • If you only use dry herbs with your AGO JR or Atmos Junior vape pen, then we suggest boiling both the silicone mouthpiece and heating chamber connector in water.  Then you should be able to use a cleaning brush to wipe off any remaining residue.  Once both vape parts are fully dry, you can start using them again.  

    What is the difference between Atmos Thread and 510 Thread?

    • The threading of the vape pens is always a question new vape users ask.  510 thread is the most common threading manufactured on vape parts such as the mouthpiece, heating chamber, and battery.  Most vape pens in the industry are 510 threaded.  Then there was this company called Atmos that decided they wanted their vape pens to be threaded differently.  That way people can't buy replacement vape parts from anyone.  So when they produced the AtmosRx and Atmos Junior vape pen, they called it Atmos threading.  
    • The AGO JR and Atmos Junior vape pens are both Atmos threaded. 510 threaded vape parts will not fit any of the junior parts.

    Why Buy the Ago jr mouthpiece?

    • These mouthpieces come in different colors so you can change up the style of your vape. Also, vape mouthpieces tend to get busted or lost, so having an extra one handy is a smart move.


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