5x Wax Vape Coils for Micro G Pen


These 510 thread wax vape coils fit any Micro G Pen and are built with a ceramic rod, providing a very pure and fresh taste when vaping wax or shatter. Get these stylish black or green wax vape coils now for only $19.99!

Listing Includes 

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  • 5x 510 thread Wax Vape Coils  

Features and Specifications

  • Wax Atomizer is composed of a ceramic rod with a nickel alloy coil wrapped around it.
  • Ceramic Rod heats faster and has more heat retention than a quartz coil
  • Coil is only compatible with the Micro G Pen and Pocket Vape Screw-in Series

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a Micro G Pen Wax Atomizer

  1. Once your Micro G Pen wax atomizer has either burnt out or there is too much residual wax on it, it's time to buy replacement coils.  When you receive your new batch of coils, you should test it.  So you first want to screw the atomizer onto the vape battery.
  2. After you screw your atomizer onto the battery, press and hold down the power button. As long as the coil heats up, it's ready to be used.
  3. Using a dab tool, scoop a piece of shatter or wax and then load it onto your wax coil.  Make sure not to over pack or poke too hard at it because if you do, you can damage the coil.  
  4. After loading your wax onto the coil, place the mouthpiece on top.  Press and hold the power button.  Wait two seconds and begin vaping your Micro G Pen.  

How to clean the Micro G Pen Wax Atomizer

  • Cleaning your Micro G Pen wax coils is very difficult.  It's inevitable that you will need to buy more vape coils.  Every time you finish vaping, you should take the mouthpiece off and keep reheating the coil until all the residual wax concentrates burns off.  It's not going to burn all of it off, but it will definitely burn most of it.  The more wax residue you keep in your vape pen, the more difficult it will be to take vape hits.  DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL TO CLEAN YOUR COIL!

WHY BUY MICRO G Pen WAX Atomizers?

  • These ceramic rod provide you with a tasty vaping experience, even better than with wick coils. If you're an everyday vaper, you can run through this pretty fast, so having an extra ten on hand will prevent you from cutting a vape session short.