Micro Vape Coils for Wax


Our Micro Vape Coils for wax now come in 10 packs and you can choose whichever color option you like. These coils are equipped with a ceramic rod and provide an excellent taste when using with any wax concentrate. Get a 10 pack today so you never have to worry about running out. We'll ship it to you for free if you're in the US. 

Micro Vape Coils for Wax Listing Includes 

  • FREE US SHIPPING - Priority and International Shipping Options Available
  • 10x ceramic rod wax coils

Features and Specifications 

  • Vape coils are compatible with the original Micro G Pen, Cloud Vape, Atmos Thermo, and our Micro Vape Pen.  
  • Vape coils can be used for wax only.  DO NOT use dry herbs or liquids with these coils.  
  • The heating element is composed of a ceramic rod wrapped with a nickel alloy coil

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Micro Vape Coils for Wax?

  • Before you even load shatter or crumble into your ceramic rod coil, you first want to firmly press the coil into your vape pen battery.  
  • Make sure the battery is on and then press and hold down the power button.  If the coil begins to heat up, then you're ready to load your concentrates.  
  • Using a dab tool, you want to add just a little shatter or crumble into your wax coil.  Make sure not to poke directly at the coil because you can run the risk of damaging it.  It's better to just rub off the wax onto the wall of the inside or VERY gently place it onto the coil.  You can use your finger too as long as your wax isn't too gooey.  
  • After loading your wax, put the mouthpiece over the coil.  Press and hold down the power button.  After two seconds, you may begin vaping.  

How to Clean Micro Vape Coils For Wax?

  • Unfortunately, these types of wax coils are very difficult to clean. Most of our customers say that continuously holding down the power button and heating the coil will burn off as much residue as the coil can. The best way to understand wax coils is to think of it as a light bulb. Eventually, they burn out and you need to buy a new one. There is no way around it. DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL OR ANY CLEANING SUBSTANCE TO CLEAN YOUR WAX COILS!!!

Why Buy Micro Vape Coils for Wax?

  • These ceramic rod provide you with a tasty vaping experience, even better than with wick coils. If you're an everyday vaper, you can run through this pretty fast, so having an extra ten on hand will prevent you from cutting a vape session short.