Glass Globe Wax Atomizer

The glass globe wax atomizer is a very popular attachment to use with the Original Micro G Pen or the Pocket Vape.  You can get very smooth and tasteful hits of shatter or wax when using this top quality wax atomizer.  

Glass Globe Atomizer Kit Includes

  • 1x Glass Globe
  • 1x original Micro G Pen adapter with wax coil
  • 1x Mouthpiece

Features and Specifications

  • Wax Atomizer Adapter is compatible with the following vape pens
    • Original Micro G Pen
    • Pocket Vape  
    • Atmos Thermo
    • Cloud Vape
  • Wax Coil is 510 threaded.  You can replace your vape coil with a quartz, ceramic, pancake or dual ceramic rod coil.  
  • Heating Element is made of wick wrapped with a nickel alloy coil

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use the Glass Globe Wax Atomizer

  • Remove the Glass from the wax atomizer adapter.
  • Firmly press the adapter into an original micro g pen or pocket vape battery.
  • Make sure the wax coil is screwed into the adapter properly. 
  • press and hold down the power button to make sure the vape coil heats up.  
  • Load your shatter or wax onto the coil.  
  • After loading your concentrates put the glass covering over the wax atomizer adapter.  
  • Press and hold down the power button.  After two seconds, you may begin vaping out of the glass globe wax atomizer.   

How to clean the Glass Globe Wax Atomizer

  • The only way to clean the wax coil part of the atomizer is to keep heating up the coil until you're able to burn off as much residue as possible.  If you're glass covering gets wax residue stuck on the inside, you can put ONLY the glass piece into hot water to soften the residue.  Once it's soft enough, you can remove the residue with a sharp dab tool or Q-Tip.  You can also use a lighter or torch to soften the residue and make it easy to remove.  DO NOT try cleaning your coil with any liquid cleaner substance.  

How is this Glass Globe Wax Atomizer compatible with so many different vape brands?

  • Firstly, the original Micro G Pen, Atmos Thermo, Pocket Vape, and Cloud vape pen are all produced by different manufacturers that are using the same injection molds.  There may be quality differences because the assembly factories are all different and have different quality control systems.  We work with a manufacturer that produces the perfect fitting wax atomizer adapter.  Before we ship any of our glass globe wax atomizers, we make sure that the glass globe wax atomizer fits in any of these batteries.    

If the coil burns out, can the wax coil be replaced or do you need to buy a new glass globe wax atomizer?

  •  If your wax coil burns out, you DO NOT need to replace the whole glass globe wax atomizer.  You can easily unscrew the wax coil piece and replace it with whichever coil attachment you want.  There are so many types of coil attachments, such as Quartz, ceramic rod, dual ceramic rod, wick, pancake style, and many others. Rarely do we hear about the wax atomizer adapter breaking and not working.  If you end up having a problem with your glass globe wax atomizer, please reach out to our customer service team.

WHY BUY A glass globe wax atomizer?

  • You don't need to replace the whole vape to get a new globe. You can just buy this replacement atomizer and it'll fit right onto your vape. This product is compatible with many different styles of vapes.

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