AGO G5 Wax Coil

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Most people think the AGO G5 only has the pancake style heating chamber.  However, there is another type of heating chamber that is specifically for shatter or wax.  Our AGO G5 Wax Coil can fit in any AGO G5 battery as well as any AtmosRx battery. If you feel like owning a heating chamber where you can only vape concentrates, use this one.  

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  • 1x AGO G5 Wax Coil

Features and Specifications 

  • Wax Coil is compatible with AGO G5 and AtmosRx batteries. 
  • Wick Coil Design 
  • Length - 1.375 Inches 
  • Width - 0.5 inches
  • This heating chamber is NOT compatible with 510 threaded batteries

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use the AGO G5 Wax Coil

  1. This heating chamber is pretty simple to use.  Frist, screw it onto your AGO G5 battery or AtmosRx battery.  
  2. Next, press and hold down the power button.  As long as it heats up it's ready to be used.  
  3. Make sure when you load your shatter or crumble onto the wax coil, that you're not overstuffing it.  Using your dab tool, place a small amount inside the chamber. 
  4. Once you've loaded your shatter onto the coil, screw on your mouthpiece.  Make sure you take out the spring that's attached to your mouthpiece because it can get too much residual wax stuck to it. 
  5. After you screwed on the mouthpiece, press and hold down the power button.  After two seconds you may begin vaping your shatter.  

How to clean the AGO G5 Wax Coil

  • Wax Atomizers are generally very hard to clean due to the build up of residual wax. When are customers reach out to us about how to clean their vape coils, we mainly tell them to keep burning off the wax after you've finished vaping.  
  • So after you've finished a vape session, you need to unscrew your mouthpiece and then keep holding down the power button until the chamber seems like it's burnt off all the residual shatter.  
  • If you keep your heating chamber loaded with shatter or wax, the residue is going to continue to harden and make it harder and harder for you to vape it.  Everyone uses this product differently.  Our suggestion is to try and keep your chamber as clean as possible by making sure you're burning off as much residue as possible.

How often will I need to replace my AGO G5 wax Coil?

  • It really depends on the user.  We've had customers make this coil last for over a year.  We've had some that made it last six months and we even have some that just buy new ones every few months.  It all depends on how often you're using the coil, how clean you keep it, and what type of wax concentrates you're using in it.   Between all vaporizer vape parts, the atomizer is always the most replaceable part. This is something that should just be known when buying a dry herb vape pen, wax vape pen, and oil vaporizer. 


  • Having extra coils is always necessary. It's inevitable you'll need to buy a new one. If you own an AGO G5 you'll definitely want to invest in extra coil replacements. These coils are excellent quality, but all coils need to be replaced over time, because there can be too much build up after many uses. Also, after many uses, the coil may not heat as quickly.