AGO G5 Heating Chamber

Vape Coil Options

Our pancake style AGO G5 heating chamber is a very common replacement vape part. If you want to prevent the amount of combustion in the heating chamber, you can purchase a glass screen filter to place on top of the heating element. If you want to use this heating chamber for wax, then make sure to take the glass screen out before using the chamber. The AGO G5 heating chamber is also compatible with the AtmosRx.   

Listing Includes

  • 1 AGO G5 ceramic heating chamber

Add On Options Include

  • 2 Chambers - 2x AGO Vaporizer Heating Chambers 
  • 3 Chambers - 3x AGO Vaporizer Heating Chambers 
  • Chamber + Mouthpiece - 1x AGO Vaporizer Heating Chamber with a Mouthpiece replacement. 

Features and Specifications

    • Heating Chamber can be used with dry herbs or wax (you CAN NOT use both substances in the same chamber)
    • Compatibility: threading fits any Atmos Rx battery or mouthpiece.  It also fits the AGO G5 vape pen.  
    • Length:1.375 inches
    • Width: .5 inches
    • This heating chamber is NOT compatible with 510 threading

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How do I use the AGO G5 heating Chamber?

    1. The AGO G5 heating chamber is easy to use.  First make sure to screw it on to your AGO G5 or Atmos Rx battery.  
    2. After you screw on the heating chamber, press and hold down the power button on the battery and make sure that the heating chamber heats up.  
    3. After confirmation that your chamber works, begin loading your dry herbs or concentrates into the heating chamber.  Make sure to be careful with the pancake style vape coil.  That's the most delicate part of the heating chamber. 
    4. After loading your herbs or concentrates, screw on your mouthpiece.  Then press and hold the power button.  After TWO seconds, you can begin taking your vape hit.  

    How can I clean my AGO G5 heating chamber?

    • You must be careful when cleaning your heating chamber.  If you are using dry herbs with your heating chamber, you need to use your cleaning brush to clean out all the extra dry herb material.  You MUST make sure that you are not pressing the vape coil too hard.  Otherwise, you will run the risk of damaging the coil.  DO NOT USE rubbing alcohol or any liquid substance to clean your heating chamber.  This is an electronic device and it can potentially break when using liquid products like that.  You can use a Q-Tip to clean the ceramic walls of the heating chamber.  
    • If you are using shatter, crumble or other concentrates in your AGO G5 heating chamber, then cleaning it is a bit more difficult.  Wax is a very gooey substance and the only way our customers are able to clean the heating chamber is by continuously heating up the coil so that the shatter residue burns off.  Some people lightly blow inside the chamber too.  

    What is the difference between 510 threading and Atmos threading?

    • This is the most important question of them all.  If you have a 510 threaded battery, our AGO G5 heating chamber will not fit your battery.  If you have an Atmos Rx vaporizer and it's not a counterfeit, then your battery will 100% fit our heating chamber.  Our heating chambers are manufactured to be completely compatible with Atmos Rx vape parts.  
    • ONLY Atmos threads their chambers a certain way.  The reason for that is so 510 threaded vape parts can't fit their vaporizer devices.


    • Having extra coils is always necessary. It's inevitable you'll need to buy a new one. If you own an AGO G5 you'll definitely want to invest in extra coil replacements. These coils are excellent quality, but all coils need to be replaced over time, because there can be too much build up after many uses. Also, after many uses, the coil may not heat as quickly. These coils are great because they can be used with both wax and dry herbs.