Electroformed Color Changing Spoon Pipe

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Cherry Glass is one of best glass pipe artists around.  He makes all kinds of electroformed glass spoon pipes.  This electroformed pipe is unique because unlike the others, this one can change colors over time.  If you're a glass pipe collector, check out this cool hand blown glass pipe and get one before we sell out. 

Spoon Pipe Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Electroformed Color Changing Glass Spoon Pipe 

Features and Specifications 

  • Electroformed Spoon Pipe is made of hand blown high-grade borosilicate glass.
  • Glass Blower / Artist - Glass Spoon Pipe is designed and made by Cherry Glass, who is based out of northern Minnesota. 
  • 420 Clock is electroformed onto the end of the Glass Bowl 
  • Carb Hole is conveniently placed on the right side of the bowl for comfortable gripping purposes. 
  • Deep Glass Bowl allows you to pack large amounts of dry herbs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use the electroformed color changing glass pipe?

  • Using the electroformed color changing glass pipe is very easy.  All you have to do is grind up your dry herbs, load them into the glass bowl section. If you have extra kief, you may sprinkle some on top. 
  • After you've loaded your dry herbs into the glass bowl, hold the spoon pipe in one hand while covering the carb hole with your finger.  In another hand, grab a lighter and start lighting the corner of the glass bowl.  While you're lighting your bowl you want to simultaneously inhale and when you feel like you've inhaled enough, gently release your finger from the carb hole and inhale the rest. Finally, exhale when you're ready. 

How do I clean an electroformed color changing glass pipe?

  • Cleaning an electroformed color changing glass pipe is not the easiest pipe to clean.  Because this is a collector's item, we don't suggest placing this spoon pipe into a pot of boiling hot water.  
  • If you want to clean this glass pipe, you should buy 420 cleaner and try to use as little as possible to clean the insides.  Use a Q-TIP to scrape off any residual dry herbs. Once you've finished cleaning out the spoon pipe, make sure to rinse it in the sink thoroughly and then let it air dry. 

Why should I buy an electroformed color changing glass Pipe?

  • Firstly, this electroformed glass spoon pipe is made with very high-quality materials and the airflow is perfect.  Second, Cherry glass is a famous artist and you can't buy anything similar to this design. It's a one of a kind glass pipe. Lastly, the color changing effects on this smoking pipe are unbelievable. As you keep using it, you'll see the spoon pipe change into all sorts of colors. Get it now before we sell out. 

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