Wenge Wood Dugout Pipes - Made in USA

Dugout Pipe Options

This dark wood dugout pipe comes equipped with a compartment for a one-hitter pipe, an actual one-hitter pipe, and a dedicated compartment for holding dry herbs. You can also use the dry herb compartment to quickly and easily pack the bowl of the one-hitter.

Wenge Wood Dugout Pipe Listing Includes 

  • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature, and International Options Available 
  • 1x Wenge Wood Dugout Box 
  • 1x One Hitter 
  • Choice of Add-On Options 

Features and Specifications 

  • Wenge Wood Dugout Box is handmade in the USA by Keystoned Plus 
  • One Hitter has great airflow
  • Portable and Easy to Travel With 
  • Dugout Box is milled from wood in the USA
  • Dugout Box is 4 inches tall 
  • Dugout Box is 1 7/8 inches wide 
  • Box has 5/8 inches of depth

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Wenge Wood Dugout Pipe

  • As with any time you are smoking dry herb, you need to make sure you have properly ground them. The one-hitter pipe will not pack properly nor will it provide quality hits if you try to skip this step.
  • When the dry herb has been ground and placed into the storage container, it is time to pack the pipe. Take the included one-hitter pipe and push it down into the dry herb compartment bowl first. This will force the dry herb into the pipe and will quickly and easily pack it.
  • Apply a flame to the bowl end of the pipe and start taking hits! Be prepared for frequent repacks, as this one-hitter will not hold much dry herb. To do so, dump any remaining ash and repeat the following steps.
  • When you're done, place the one-hitter pipe in its designated compartment and twist the lid shut.

How to Clean a Wenge Wood Dugout Pipe

  • Do not attempt to soak or apply a lot of heavy-duty cleaner to the case. You will end up ruining the finish and possibly damaging the wood. The only cleaning you need to do with it is the occasional wipe down with a cotton cloth or cotton swab. To maintain the quality of flavor, you do need to clean the included one-hitter pipe on a regular basis. Soaking it in a cleaning solution made of 420 Cleaner is your best bet to get it thoroughly clean quickly. If you do not have access to it (remember you can buy it here at vapevetstore.com), you can use isopropyl alcohol. After it has been soaked, rinse, dry, and return it to its designated container in the case.

Why Buy a Wenge Wood Dugout Pipe

  • The name of the game with dugout pipes is ease and convenience, and this Wenge Wood Dugout Pipe excels in both regards. It makes it easy to carry all of your smoking supplies in one place, making it the perfect travel buddy. The finished wood not only looks amazing but will also serve as a durable protector for the precious cargo inside the case.