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Our Pringles Stash Container has a larger storage capacity than many of our other stash safes. You can easily store your vapes, oil cartridges, wax, shatter and money it. Just Remove the bottom cap and store your goods in there. Then put the Pringles Stash Container in the back of your snack cabinet. No one will ever know what's inside. 

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  • 1x Pringles Stash Container 

Features and Specifications 

  • Pringles Stash Container is Discreet
  • Can store various valuable items, such as wax, shatter, jewelry, money, and vapes. 
  • Can easily be mistaken for a can of Pringles 


HOW TO USE THE Pringles STASH Container

  • What's cool about this product is that it looks like a Pringles can. If you need to store any of your valuables, unscrew the top of the can and put whatever you want in it.  You can store it wherever you want.  A burglar would never know to look in your pringles.  


  • Simply wipe out the inside of your stash container with a towel/paper towel with some cleaner on it such as lysol. Then wipe it dry.

WHAT CAN I STORE IN MY Pringles STASH Container?

  • You can store all types of things in your pringles stash container, such as money, jewelry, dry herbs, concentrates, oil cartridges, and even medication. 

WHY BUY A Pringles STASH Container?

  • If you are worried about theft, snooping or people finding your herb stash, this Pringles stash container will help you feel at ease. It looks like an ordinary Pringles can so the intruder will be none the wiser.


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