Death Star Herb Grinder

Our Star Wars Death Star Herb Grinder comes in three pieces and includes a kief catcher.  Although it appears to look like a cool mobile space station, this super stylish herb grinder is really used to grind your dry herbs for vaping or smoking glass pipes.  

Listing Includes

  • 1x Death Star Herb Grinder

Features and Specifications

  • Made from high-quality Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rods
  • Equipped with Razor Sharp Blades to grind dry herbs consistently
  • Strong High Quality Built in Magnets to create a tight firm seal
  • 3 Piece Grinder – 2 pieces are for grinding dry herbs and the 3rd piece is the     kief catcher.
  • Height – 2 inches
  • Diameter – 2 Inches

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use a Death Star Herb Grinder

  1. First, make sure that the kief catcher is screwed on.
  2. Take the top of the death star grinder off
  3. Load some dry herbs into the grinder.
  4. Place the top of the grinder back on and begin turning the grinder clockwise     and counterclockwise
  5. After 30 seconds to a minute of grinding, your dry herbs should be ready for smoking or vaping.  Before removing the dry herbs from the grinder, gently tab the grinder onto the table or floor so that extra kief can drop into the kief catcher.
  6. Remove the top of the grinder and then load your dry herbs into your vape pen or glass pipe. 

Why should you buy a death star herb grinder?  

Using a death star herb grinder for dry herbs is very important because you will get the most out of inhaling the herbs, whether it’s through smoking glass pipes or vaping a portable dry herb vaporizer.  When you use a ground up dry herbs in your glass pipe, you will get more flavor and reduce the risk of clogging your glass pipe with bigger pieces of bud. 

If you frequently use a portable dry herb vaporizer, such as the Stoner Joe Dry Herb Vaporizer or the E-Clipse, then owning a death star herb grinder is that much more important.  The heating chamber to the vaporizer is already very small.  If you use a death star herb grinder, you’ll be able to fill the heating chamber with finely ground up dry herbs.  Then when you’re in the middle of vaping, you can take the mouthpiece off and use your dab tool to stir the dry herbs so you can vape the rest.

If you frequently use a combustion vaporizer, such as the AGO G5 or Yocan 94F, you should use the death star herb grinder to grind up your herbs, especially if you plan on using glass screen filters in the heating chamber.  The death star herb grinder will make sure that you can easily vape your herbs. 

How do I clean a death star herb grinder?

  1. First, make sure you scrape out every last bit of kief from your kief catcher.  You may want to gently tap the top and middle part of the herb grinder against a piece of paper on a table or on the ground.  That way some extra kief will shake off.
  2. Once you feel that you’ve removed as much kief as possible, it’s time to put your death star herb grinder in boiling hot water.  That will remove any residual dry herbs or any gunk that’s not as easy to remove.
  3. After 5-7 minutes of boiling the death star herb grinder in the pot, you can take it out carefully and use a Q-TIP to clean all the teeth and sides of the grinder.
  4. Make sure everything is dry and then you can begin using it again. 

How to use the Death Star Herb Grinder’s Kief Catcher?

  1. First, make sure you’ve ground up your dry herbs in top section of the death star grinder.
  2. Once you feel that the dry herbs are ground up enough, you can gently tap the grinder on a hard surfaced table or the ground.  That way extra kief falls into the kief catcher.
  3. After using your death star herb grinder several times and you notice there is a decent amount of kief in the kief catcher, it’s time to start sprinkling the kief on top of your glass spoon pipe, Sherlock pipe, or chillum.  You can also sprinkle the kief on top of your dry herbs before rolling a nice backwood blunt.