Micro Vape Kit - 510 Threaded Coil

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The 510 threaded Micro vape pen kit comes with 3 dry herb vape coils. it's one of the best portable vape deals in our store.   $39.99 is a great value, especially with the extra coils.  This vape pen is very easy to use and if you want to keep different strains in different heating chambers, you can easily do that.  

Micro Vape Pen Kit Includes

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  • 1x Micro vape pen equipped with a 510 thread dry herb coil
  • 3x extradry herb vape coils
  • 1x dab tool
  • 1x silicone wax container to store shatter and crumble
  • 5x mouthpiece sleeves
  • 1x usb charger
  • 1x protective travel case

Add On Options 

  • Kit + 3 Dry Herb Coils - Included with this vape kit are 3 extra dry herb vape coils. 
  • Kit + 3 Wax Coils - Included with this vape kit are 3 extra wax coils 
  • Kit + Coil Bundle (Dry Herb Coils, Wax Coils, And Mouthpiece Sleeves) - Included in this vape kit are 3 dry herb coils, 3 wax coils, and 5 Mouthpiece Sleeves. 
  • Kit + Herb Grinder - Included with this vape kit is a silver 4 piece herb grinder. 

Features and Specifications

  • Vape kit comes with dry herb coil attachments (additional coil attachments for wax and oil are available too)
  • Heating Chamber: Pancake style, nickel chromium alloy coil
  • Vape Pen Dimenstions: 4 inches x 0.625 inches
  • Battery is compatible with the Micro G pen coils
  • Battery Capacity: 360mah

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the 510 threaded Micro Vape Pen?

  • Charge your Micro vape pen battery.
  • Attach the heating chamber to the top of the battery by screwing it in. Do Not over-screw. Screw the vape coil so that it is securely attached to the battery. Test the coil to make sure it works before loading it.
  • Unscrew the top of the heating chamber and load it with herbs. Make sure the herbs are ground up well. Using a grinder is the most ideal, especially for these heating chambers. Pack the herbs into the chamber, but Do NOT put too much downward pressure or you may damage the coil.
  • Once loaded, screw the top back onto the chamber. Many users also decide to remove the spring before placing the top back on.The spring is on the bottom of the chamber top and it pushes the herbs towards the coil. It helps, but is not needed, and by removing it, you give yourself a little more herb capacity.
  • With the chamber securely loaded and sealed, place the Micro mouthpiece over the top and push it down onto the base of the battery.
  • Press the power button 5 times consecutively to turn the battery on. Press the power button to heat the coil inside of the chamber. As the coil heats, the herbs will begin to vaporize and ignite. Take your puffs gradually as you get the feel for the vape pen.
  • Always turn the battery off when you are finished vaping. 
  • Always empty the chamber when you are finished. If you are out and about it is okay to leave the used chamber as it is. But if at home, or when you get home, it is always best to empty the chamber. Quickly emptying the chamber right after use has shown to decrease the residue build-up in chambers.

How to Charge the Vape pen?

  • Plug the other end into the micro usb charging port on the bottom of the battery. While charging, the light on the bottom of the battery will light up red.
  •  When the battery is fully charged, the light on the bottom of the battery will turn green.
  • After the battery is fully charged, unplug the battery from the charger and unplug the charger from the power source. If a wall charger was used then unplug it from the wall.

How to Clean the Micro Vape Pen?

  • Make sure to use your dab tool and a cleaning brush to empty out your dry herb heating chamber. 
  • DO NOT use rubbing alcohol or any other substance to clean the vape coil. 
  • In order to properly maintain your dry herb heating chamber, make sure you empty out the grinded herb material immediately after use.  


Which Vape Parts are most commonly replaced?

  • The heating chamber is generally replaced the most because after using it for several months and not cleaning it, there will be a lot of residue buildup and a NEW heating chamber will need to be purchased.  
  • If you are frequently using wax coils instead of dry herb coils in your Micro vape pen, then the wax coils are another commonly replaced vape part.  There's no way around it.  Shatter and crumble will create a lot of residue and gunk over time.  
  • If you use the wax coils very frequently, we suggest buying extra mouthpieces too. Eventually, there is shatter and crumble residue in the mouthpiece if you don't take care of the vape pen.  
  • Some people like to buy extra batteries so that they can still use their vape pen while charging the other battery.   

What are the main reasons to buy the Micro Vape Pen?

  • Versatility - Additional coils are available for the Micro vape pen that allow you to vape wax and oils too.
  • Quick and Easy to Use - The heating chamber can be changed within seconds.  If you pre-pack the chambers, you can discreetly vape all night and reload with a fresh batch. 
  • Convenience - Ski and snowboard season mean cold fingers and windy conditions.  With the 510 threaded Micro vape pen, you can vape anywhere, at any time and in any condition.