4 Piece Grinder w/ Rolling Paper Holder

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Our 4 Piece Grinder with a rolling paper holder is a very convenient herb grinder to own.  Most 4 piece grinders come with just a storage chamber and kief catcher, but this grinder also includes a holder for your rolling papers.  When people bring their herb grinders with them to a party, they usually want to roll a joint or use a dry herb vaporizer. This herb grinder is perfect for those who frequently roll joints. 

Listing Includes

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  • 1x 4 piece Grinder 
  • 1x Kief Scooper 

Features and Specifications 

  • Smart Blade Design - The teeth of the grinder are designed to grind the dry herbs more easily.    
  • 4 piece Grinder is made of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized finish. 
  • Herb Grinder Top is designed to store your rolling papers. 
  • Diameter - 76mm
  • Height - 54mm
  • Width of Rolling Paper Holder - 25mm
  • Comes in a Variety of Colors

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why buy a 4 piece grinder with a rolling paper top?

  • For those that like to frequently roll joints, then this is the perfect 4 piece grinder for you. Most of the time you just keep your papers in your pocket and on many occasions you have to throw away a piece of paper when you open your pack of papers.  It's also easy to forget to bring your papers too.  Having the feature where you can attach the papers to your grinder is very convenient and makes this the best 4 piece grinder for people that frequently roll joints. 

How do I use a 4 piece grinder with a rolling paper top?

  • Using a 4 piece grinder with a rolling paper top is very easy.  If you want to attach your rolling papers to the top of the grinder, just slide the pack of papers into the slot and you're good to go. 
  • If you want to roll a joint, then all you have to do is load the top with dry herbs.  Then close the top and turn it around clockwise or counter-clockwise.  Whatever is easier for you. 
  • After you've ground up your dry herbs, you can gently tap the grinder on the table or floor so that any loose kief will go into the kief catcher. 
  • Next, open your grinder and begin loading your dry herbs onto your rolling papers or load them into a dry herb vaporizer. You can also load them into a glass pipe or bong.  That's up to the user. 
  • If you want to use the kief catcher, then you will need to grind your 4 piece grinder several times before seeing any kief in the kief catcher.  Once you've built up enough kief in your kief catcher, you can use the scooper to scrape up all your kief and add it to your joint or the top of your glass pipe or bong. 

How do I clean a 4 piece grinder with a rolling paper top?

  • It's very easy to clean the 4 piece grinder with a rolling paper top. Once you feel like it's time to clean it, make sure you've scraped up every last bit of kief.  After that, make sure every piece of the herb grinder is detached. Use a cleaning brush to brush off any other dry herb residue.  Then rinse the grinder in the sink.
  • To further clean out your 4 piece grinder, you can put it in a pot of boiling hot water.  That should help take off any remaining sticky dry herb residue. Take out the grinder after 10 minutes in the pot of boiling water. Make sure it's fully dry before use. 


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