Q Tank Eliquid Atomizer

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The Q Tank eliquid atomizer fits any box mod vape battery and it's made out of stainless steel and glass.  It has a 2ml eliquid capacity and has adjustable airflow control at the bottom.  You can load this tank very conveniently by filling it in from the top.       

Listing Includes

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  • 1x Q Tank Eliquid Atomizer

Features and Specifications

  • Airflow control at the bottom
  • You can easily fill the tank from the top of the Atomizer.  
  • 510 Threading Connection
  • Diameter - 22mm
  • Length - 35mm
  • Capacity - 2ml
  • Material - Stainless Steel and Glass
  • Weight - 30g
  • OCC Coil - SS/0.4 ohm
  • OCC Coil - Ni 200/0.15 ohm

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use the Q Tank eliquid atomizer?

  • It's very simple.  Just fill in your eliquid from the top of the atomizer.  Then screw the tank onto any 510 threaded box mod.  Since the Q Tank is very small, we suggest setting the wattage on the box mod between 7-30watts.  You can use it at 40 Watts, but it's not necessary.  

When should I change my coil or buy a new Q Tank?

  • The atomizer is the most important part to any vaporizer.  It turns the eliquid into vapor by heating a coil that is in contact with a piece of wick. Subsequently, it absorbs the eliquid.
  • It's inevitable that you will have to change your coil at some point.  Think of it as a light bulb.  A light bulb will last you a long time, but at some point it burns out and you need to change the bulb.  
  • The lifespan of an eliquid atomizer depends on the user.  The more frequently you vape, the more often you will need to change it.  Two other factors that can affect the lifespan is if your eliquid has too much sweetener in it or you're setting your box mod wattage at a very high temperature all the time.  
  • Below are some indicators of knowing if you need to change your Vape Coil
    • The flavor of your eliquid will have a burnt taste to it.
    • You won't get as much vapor as you usually get.  
    • Overtime, sometimes your tank starts to leak.  If that happens, you need to replace your tank immediately.

How to clean the q tank? 

  • Cleaning your eliquid tank is pretty simple.  When it's time to change out your atomizer,  remove the coil from the tank, throw away the coil, and then wash the tank under water.  Let the tank air dry and then screw in your new coil and begin vaping whenever you're ready. 


  • The Q Tank is a top of the line 510 threaded tank. This means that it fits on most box mods and delivers powerful eliquid hits, so you can blow giant clouds. it also has adjustable airflow control to help customize your vape session.