Ceramic Nail with Dab Rig Adapter

This ceramic domeless nail set comes with an adapter so it can fit more than one dab rig stem size. Ceramic has higher heat retention than quartz and many prefer using ceramic because of its delicious flavoring. Get one of these ceramic nails so you can begin your new and delicious dabbing experience. 

Ceramic Nail Listing Includes 

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  • 1x Ceramic Sandclock Domeless Nail 
  • 1x Dab Rig Adapter 

Features and Specifications 

  • Made of High-quality Ceramic
  • High Heat Retention 
  • Easy To Use and Multi-Functional
  • Nail can adapt to fit 14mm to 19mm male & female joints 
  • Height With Adapter Attached - 3.75 inches tall
  • Dab Plate Diameter - 0.75 inches
  • Dab Hole Diameter - 6mm  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Ceramic Nail with Dab Rig Adapter?

  • First, attach your ceramic nail to your dab rig. Next, use a butane torch lighter to heat the nail. Wait until the nail is red hot and then remove the torch from heating. 
  • While the ceramic nail is cooling down, use a dab tool to scoop up your wax concentrates. We suggest scooping up a small amount if you are new to dabbing. If you are more experienced, then scoop as much as you want. 
  • Put your mouth over the mouthpiece tube and begin inhaling while simultaneously twirling your dab tool around the top of the nail so it burns all the wax and enters the rig. 
  • Once all of the vapor has entered into the dab rig, you can put your carb cap over the ceramic nail and inhale the rest of the vapor. 

How to Clean a Ceramic Nail with Dab Rig Adapter?

  • Cleaning ceramic nails are pretty easy. You can clean them in the dishwasher or put them in a pot of boiling hot water to remove all the wax. Keep in mind that the wax stains the ceramic. So you'll never have a perfectly white ceramic nail after using wax with it. 
  • You can also use isopropyl alcohol to clean your ceramic nails, but using the dishwasher or boiling hot water is just fine. 

Why Buy a Ceramic Nail with a Dab Rig Adapter?

  • Buying this ceramic nail with a dab rig adapter is a smart purchase because it'll fit most dab rigs. In case you own two dab rigs that have different sized stems, you can most likely use this ceramic nail for both. Another reason is that it has higher heat retention than quartz nails and is more durable. Get one of these nails today and you won't be disappointed. 


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