Cheech Glass Alien Dab Rig

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Ever wanted to take a hit through the head of an alien? Here is your chance! This glass dab rig is just the right amount of weird! This alien dab rig features a female joint and high-quality, long-lasting glass.

Cheech Glass Alien Dab Rig Listing Includes 

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Features and Specifications

  • Made of high-grade borosilicate glass 
  • Cool Heady Glass Design
  • Dab Rig Height is 6 inches Tall
  • Dab Rig Base Diameter is 3.5 inches wide 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Cheech Glass Alien Dab Rig

  • Before starting to smoke your concentrate, make sure you put water in the pipe! Enough to cover the downstem inside will be sufficient. The water will help cool and smooth out your concentrate hits.
  • Now that there is water in your dab rig, you need to heat the dab nail. Using a hand torch, apply heat directly to the dab nail while keeping the flame facing away from the dab rig (prolonged direct contact with the dab rig can cause it to crack). Exactly how long you heat it will depend on the dab nail material. Quartz and titanium dab nails will glow red hot when ready, whereas ceramic nails show no indication of being hot. You will just have to apply heat for several minutes. If you happen to be using an e-nail, just turn it on to your desired temperature.
  • You need to allow your dab nail to cool once it has reached a red hot temperature. Superheated dab nails will scorch your concentrate, ruining its taste. Waiting 30-45 seconds will allow the dab nail enough time to cool so it will not burn your concentrate but will still be sufficiently hot to create vapor from your wax or oil. If using an e-nail, you will skip this step.
  • After cooling, you can apply the concentrate. Using a dab tool, spread the wax or oil around the inside edge of the dab nail. Applying it evenly across the surface of the nail can help keep your flavor even while avoiding a scorched flavor.
  • As soon as your concentrate hits the nail, begin drawing in the vapor into the downstem inside the dab rig. This will cause your dab rig to bubble.
  • Your dab rig will begin to fill with white vapor, which means you need to inhale! Inhale until all vapor inside the dab rig has been drawn out. The amount of vapor produced will be depending on the amount of wax or oil applied.
  • If you want another application of concentrate to inhale, you may need to reheat your dab nail (or turn the e-nail back on).

How to Clean a Cheech Glass Alien Dab Rig

  • All you will need to do is soak the dab rig in a cleaning solution to be able to remove all or most of the residue inside. We recommend soaking with 420 Cleaner, though isopropyl alcohol or vinegar can also be used. After soaking, make sure you rinse off everything, inside and out. Once it dries, you are good to go for more dab sessions!

Why Buy a Cheech Glass Alien Dab Rig

  • This dab rig is awesome. It is made of high-quality glass and features some weird, but stunning, artwork. The top of the alien head is where you take hits, making for an oddly interesting dabbing experience. The female joint is also compatible with most dab nails of all different kinds of materials.