Lego Shaped Silicone Dab Container

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For only $9.99, the Lego Shaped silicone dab container is great for storing various kinds shatter, crumble, or other wax strains.  You can use one of the holes as a dab tool holder too. The silicone material is heat resistant so you can use your nectar collector in it.

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  • 1x Lego Shaped Silicone Dab Container

Features and Specifications

  • heat resistant silicone
  • easily store shatter, wax, or CBD oil 
  • Silicone material is non-stick 
  • dishwasher-safe
  • Storage Capacity - At least 1 gram of shatter in each compartment.  One compartment can be used as a dab tool holder.    

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use the Lego Shaped dab container

  • There are multiple uses of this lego shaped dab container.  One way to use it is for storage only.  Storing shatter or other wax concentrates is not easy.  If you store it in a glass dish, there will be a build-up of residue that sticks to it.  Same with plastic.  Storing shatter in silicone is perfect for two reasons: Nothing will stick to it and more importantly, you won't lose any concentrates. Over time you will be able to get every last bit of shatter out of the dab container.
  • Another great function of this particular dab container is you can store a variety of different wax concentrates in it.  You can also use one compartment as a dab tool holder when you're dabbing out of your rig with friends.   
  • If you own a nectar collector portable dab rig, you can take dab hits out of the silicone dab container because it's heat resistant.  You can even take dab hits using two different types of concentrates at the same time.    

How to clean the Lego Shaped dab container

  • This is a very low-maintenance product.  After scooping out all of your shatter or wax, you can clean it in the sink or even the dishwasher.  It's entirely up to you.


  • What's great about the lego shaped dab container is that it has multiple compartments. You can store all kinds of wax concentrates in there and the design of the silicone container will make it easy to store anywhere in your home.


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