3x Dab tools

Dab Tools are one of the most important dabbing accessories for anyone that uses a wax vape pen, dab rig, or even a dry herb vaporizer.  It's very frustrating to handle shatter or wax with your fingers.  That's why it's best to order a 3 pack of silicone covered non-stick dab tools.   

Listing Includes

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  • 3x dab toolsequipped with a non-stick covers

Features and Specifications

  • Perfect for scooping shatter or wax out of your silicone storage container. 
  • Removable non-stick silicone cover can be used for loading your wax vape pen. 
  • Length: 2.25 inches
  • dabber: Stainless Steel

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use dab tools with a wax vape pen

  • Dab tools are very useful when handling a wax vape pen.  Loading your wax coil is a pain if you're using your fingers.  We suggest using a dab tool to scoop out your shatter or wax and then gently placing it into your was vape coil.  BE CAREFUL loading concentrates into your coil.  If your dab tool pokes too hard at the coil, you can damage it.  

How to use dab tools with a dab rig

  • Unless you have a carb cap, you need a dab tool for dabbing out of your rig. While you're waiting for your domeless nail to cool down, you need to scoop some shatter or wax with you dab tool and then touch that part to your domeless nail so you can begin dabbing.  Without the dab tool, you can't take a dab hit.  

How do I use dab tools with a portable dry herb vaporizer?

  • Dab tools are used differently with portable dry herb vaporizer devices.  It's important to have a dab tool on you when vaping dry herbs because when you're in the middle of a vape session you need to take your mouthpiece off and stir the dry herbs around.  A dab tool is the most convenient object to use for that activity. It's also great to use a dab tool when you want to empty out your heating chamber.  Rather than smacking the bottom of your vaporizer, use your dab tool to stir the dry herbs around and when you turn over your vape, all of it will come out.

Why buy dab tools?

  • These dab tools can be used to scoop wax out of containers into your vape. They can be used to apply wax to your dab rig, or to scrape used or unused herbs out of your dry herb vape. These will prevent you from getting your hands dirty, and will do a better job too.


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