Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe

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The Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe is a super cool color changing hand blown glass pipe made in Northern Minnesota.  Cherry Glass is famous for the Electroformed Spoon Pipes.  So if you own one of those, you'll know that the Chillum hits just as well.  As you keep smoking it, you'll see the chillum change into some really cool colors.  Buy a Chillum Pipe by Cherry Glass now before we run out.  

Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe Listing Includes

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  • 1x Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe

Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe Features and Specifications

  • Easily Pack your Chillum Pipe with enough dry herbs to take multiple hits. 
  • Super High-Quality Craftmanship - Made in the USA 
  • Easy to clean and has Excellent airflow
  • Hand Blown Glass by Cherry Glass from Northern Minnesota 
  • Made of High-Grade Borosilicate Glass
  • Chillum Pipe Length - 3.25 Inches Long  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Use a Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe

  • Using a Cherry Glass Chillum pipe is very easy. All you have to do is break up your dry herbs using an herb grinder or your fingers. After you break up the herbs, pack them into the chillum pipe. Put the pipe in your mouthpiece and light it like a cigarette. Keep using until you run out. Then just re-pack and keep going. 

How do I clean the Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe?

  • Cleaning the Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe is very easy.  First, make sure you've taken your resin hits. Nothing beats a nice morning resin hit before you clean your chillum pipe.  
  • Heat up a pot of water and wait for it to boil.  Once it starts boiling, you can add your cherry glass chillum pipe in there and leave it soaking in the pot for 5-10 minutes.  
  • Once you take the glass chillum pipe out of the water (BE CAREFUL), use a Q-tip to clean out the insides.  Once you're done, just make sure to rinse everything out again and then use the Q-tip to dry the inside of the pipe.  
  • If you don't feel like doing this process, you can always use 420 cleaner.  

Why Buy a Cherry Glass Chillum Pipe? 

  • If you liked the electroformed spoon pipe by Cherry Glass, then you are not going to want to skip buying his Chillum Pipe.  It changes into really cool colors as you continue to smoke it.  If you usually use an herb grinder, you ca easily dip this chillum into the dry herbs and it will easily get packed.  Because the airflow is so good, you're able to take really solid hits from it. Lastly, this is a piece of art and you could always use an extra chillum.  

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