Electric Herb Grinder

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The electric herb grinder is a great device to use if you want to grind up your dry herbs into fine pieces.  There is no kief catcher in this device, but it grinds up your dry herbs so finely that you'll get really nice hits if you use the dry herbs in your glass pipe or blunt. Get this electric herb grinder now so that you can bring it to your next party or use it at home. 

Listing Includes 

  • 1x electric herb grinder 

Features and Specifications 

  • Electric Herb Grinder is powered by three AAA batteries (batteries are not included with this device)
  • Easy to use and operates efficiently with the press of the button 
  • Super Sharp Blades Chop the Dry herbs within a plastic container cup
  • Storage Capacity is between 1-2 grams of dry herbs 
  • Full Length - 5 7/8 inches 
  • Handle Diameter -  1 inch 
  • Clear Container Cup Dimensions - 1.5 diameter x 1.5 height inches 

Frequently Asked Question

Why buy an electric herb grinder?

  • Most people decide to buy an herb grinder because they may frequently smoke blunts or joints.  There are also many vaporizer users now and they like to use an herb grinder so they can vape dry herbs more efficiently. The electric herb grinder chops up your dry herbs more finely, making the flavor and airflow of your joints and vaporizers even better. Not only does it chop your dry herbs more finely, but it's also much less laborious. All you need to do is press a button and you're good to go. 

How do I use an electric herb grinder?

  • Usually, when we explain how to use products it's this list of steps to take.  For an electric herb grinder, it's even easier to explain.  First, make sure you've added three AAA batteries to the herb grinder. Next, add your dry herbs into the clear plastic storage container. After you've closed it up, you may press the power button and begin grinding. After grinding your dry herbs for 15-60 seconds, it should be chopped finely. Finally, unscrew the plastic container and begin adding your dry herbs into your glass pipe or dry herb vaporizer. 


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