Yocan Evolve Plus: The Best Wax Vape Pen for Shatter

by Daniel Lowe June 23, 2017

Yocan Evolve Plus: The Best Wax Vape Pen for Shatter

There are several aspects to buying vape pens that consumers should keep in mind as they search for the wax vaporizer that best fits their needs.

The first is what kind of substance they wish to vape. While some vape pens strictly handle dry herbs, others deal solely with wax or oils (or some combination of two out of the three.)

Second, the consumer must then must determine what kind of heating element they would like for their new vaporizer to have. Wax vaporizers these days may come equipped with multiple kinds of coils -- wick, ceramic, and quartz among them -- that consumers may find difficult to separate from each other in terms of quality.

Finally, other questions relating to vaporizers’ utility -- including battery power and life, weight, and accessories -- should also be measured when consumers are determining which vape pen is right for them.

There are innumerable kinds of wax vaporizers on the market these days, but there is one such vape pen that deserves to be a part of any conversation regarding which is the absolute best. The Yocan Evolve Plus combines a superior atomizer, a remarkable battery power, a lightweight body, and an array of helpful accessories for what is hands-down one of the greatest wax vaporizers -- as well as portable dab machines -- ever made.

Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Coils

Heating Element

Those looking to vaporize wax or other concentrates place the substance in a vape pen's heating chamber -- known as a wax atomizer -- in order to produce vapor.

Throughout the history of vaping, perhaps the most common heating element has been the wick coil, which may be found most notably in the older generations of the Pocket Vape. With the newer Pocket Vape iterations came the slightly higher-quality -- and slightly higher-costing -- ceramic coils.

Following ceramic coils was the introduction of the quartz rod coils onto the vaporizer market. These coils fast became the industry standard due to the freshness of the vaporizer taste they emitted.

The quartz rods also became known for their high degrees of efficiency, due to their low placement in the heating chamber and increased airflow. This design makes for any wax that falls off the quartz rods during the vaporization process nonetheless comes flowing back to where it may ultimately be vaporized, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

The Yocan Evolve Plus comes equipped with a dual quartz coil atomizer that is deeper than many earlier quartz heating chambers. The depth of the atomizer thus allows consumers to pack and dab more wax than they’d been able to previously. (And for those who just can’t get enough and need further replacements, Vape Vet Store offers a deal on a batch of five Yocan Evolve Plus coils.)

Important note: It is possible to clean your coils, albeit in a specific and gentle way. All the consumer must do is simply turn the vape on and gently swirl a Q-tip around the inside of the atomizer. Be careful to do this with extreme caution and take care not to poke the coil, as they are sensitive and may be easily damaged.

Yocan Evolve Plus Diagram


In addition to its superior coil, the Yocan Evolve Plus also boasts a battery that is superior to other vapes in both its battery life and power.

Wax vape pens -- much in the same way that they underwent an evolution with their atomizers -- have seen a slow and steady improvement in their batteries over the years. The Pocket Vape, for example, features a 360 mAh battery, relatively low by current standards. That was followed up by the AGO G5 Wax Pen, which measures at a still-respectable 650 mAh.

Then came the Yocan Evolve, a slim-bodied antecedent to the Yocan Evolve Plus that also featured a 650 mAh battery. It was able to function on this level of battery power because, in addition to the vape being slimmer than its successor, Yocan Evolve Coils are also smaller.

The Yocan Evolve Plus is on another level in terms of battery life-- it almost doubles the battery power of the Yocan Evolve, with a power level of 1100 mAh. This added battery power is necessary because the atomizer on the Evolve Plus is significantly larger than that of the Evolve, and because the added oomph provided by a more powerful battery helps the vape pen function for longer periods of time.

It is important to note that the strength of the Evolve Plus’s battery power is not the sole reason for the impressiveness of its functionality. After all, other powerful high-end vaporizers on the market -- such as the wax-vaping Yocan Pandon or the dry herb-vaping E-CLIPSE or Apex 2.0 -- boast higher-powered batteries. What makes it truly great is the way it dovetails perfectly with a body that is relatively small and yet still delivers massive hits and a lengthy battery life.

Turning the Yocan Evolve Plus on and off is straightforward: Simply press the power button five times in quick succession.

Yocan Evolve Kit


Adding to the allure of the Yocan Evolve Plus are a number of different accessories that explain why it has become a wax vaporizer phenomenon.

Chief among the bonuses of the Yocan Evolve Plus is a stealthy container for wax that is embedded within the bottom of the vape. Simply unscrew the circular bottom-most portion to reveal the hidden chamber, which amplifies the Evolve Plus’s convenience by saving on the need to tote around a separate wax container.

In addition to its extra quartz rod coil, the Evolve Plus’s kit also comes equipped with a dab tool and a USB vaporizer charger, the latter of which is available as a standalone product on Vape Vet Store.

To Sum Up: The Evolve Plus combines an efficient and flavorful atomizer, a powerful and long-lasting battery, and several unique features that make this one of the most heralded and best Yocan vape pen currently sold on the market.  If you are unfamiliar with vaping shatter from a wax pen, make sure you read our blog posts so that you can learn more.  

Daniel Lowe
Daniel Lowe


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