Difference Between the Micro G Pen and Cloud Pen Vaporizers

by Daniel Lowe

Difference Between the Micro G Pen and Cloud Pen Vaporizers

Vape Coils For Micro G Pen


Cloud Pen vs Micro G Pen

The Micro G Pen and the Cloud Pen cause a lot of confusion, and for good reason. They look exactly the same, and claim to do a lot of the same things. So let's dive into the differences between these two vape pen devices.  

1. They're the same device. No, seriously.

First thing's first. These pens are mostly identical. I THINK the Micro G Pen came out first, but don't quote me on that. However, the build, functionality, and overall design are the same and they perform similarly. Thankfully, that's going to make the rest of these points easier to write because it's going to cut my work in half!

I will say, the new Cloud Pen Vaporizers look cooler... But then again, Grenco Science just did a Snoop Dogg Micro G. Uh oh.

But there is one key difference. By default, the Cloud Pen do not have screens over the heating coils. That means you can put your wax (or dry herb--more on that later) directly onto the vape coil. Honestly, for wax, I do tend to think it's best to have the screen because it's going to help prevent the vape coils from getting clogged, but I suppose no screen means more wax at once (which... again, will lead to the device getting clogged/burnt out faster). Not having a screen makes combusting (and even "sort of" vaping) easier. So you know.. Pros v. Cons.

Ranking their Functionality

1. Wax
So both the Cloud Pen and Micro G Pen are used best with wax concentrates (this is sort of true for most pen-shaped vaporizers--AGO Jr, Pocket Vape, etc). These vape pens do have a slight leg up because they use wick coils to absorb the oil from the melted wax. However, at the same time, wick-based vape coils will still get burnt out over time--but most wax atomizers need replacing at some point. Plus, replacement vape coils are more expensive for the Cloud Pen and Micro G than other vaporizer pens, such as the Pocket Vape Pen.


2. Dry herbs
These vaporizer pens will handle dry herbs decently. But wait--back up. I just called them vaporizer pens when talking about herbs. The truth is, these pens are decent at combusting dry herbs, and can get away with some small vaping if you use a glass screen filter. But things are about to get tricky, so I'll explain some differences.

The Cloud Pen doesn't have a screen.

  • This means you can go ahead and place a bit of ground up herb onto the coil and get a few combustion hits.
  • No screen also means you can use a glass screen filter inside the chamber (if it fits) to help with producing some vapor

The Micro G Pen DOES have a screen (by default--but Grenco Science has vape coils without screens available now, too)
  • The screen means no dry herbs are going to get hot enough to combust. If you have a hot enough coil, it might vape a small amount of herbs, but not huge clouds or anything.
  • BUT, you can buy different types of dry herb atomizers for cheap, so really--just buy an atomizer that's more like the Cloud.
  • I think Grenco Science caught wind of the benefit of no screen and longer atomizer chambers like this, but depending on where you buy yours, it might be an older one with a screen. Just check before you purchase, and keep your preferences in mind (wax vs dry herb)

Dry herb attachments make them combust herbs better
I think some people feel like the Dry Herb Attachment is this Holy Grail that's going to start cranking out vapor. Here's what it is:
  • A larger chamber that holds more herbs and has a heating coil that's better at combusting them. 
  • If you're ok with combustion, you're good to go. If you want to vaporize herbs, you may be disappointed.
  • The glass screen may not fit inside the chambers unless they are fairly wide. The smallest glass screens around are 7mm in diameter, so measure your atomizer first.

3. E-Liquid
So, I really view liquid (e-juice, e-liquid... basically concentrated nicotine oil, but I suppose that's not catchy enough) as an added bonus for what these devices do. Because both the Cloud Pen and Micro G Pen have a wick with their heating coils, these vaporizer pens can absorb a few drops of e-liquid. Which is nice, but not the same as having a dedicated e-liquid vaporizer.  
I haven't used one of their liquid cartridge attachments, but based on the pictures, they don't seem as effective as the latest e-liquid vaporizers (Nowadays people are using box mods to vape their eliquid tanks.)  The heating coil is at the top, but most wickless clearomizers these days have the heating coil at the bottom where all the e-juice is fed. It's a more efficient way to feed the juice into the atomizer. So I actually might consider a separate eliquid vaporizer if you're really into vaping a lot of e-juice on-the-go. You can use something like the Atmos Optimus V2 which is good for starting out (simple to use, good flavor, nice vapor--more on that below), but our Kangertech Vape Box Mod Kit is much better. 

A dedicated vaporizer pen for e-liquid will give you hundreds of puffs vs only a few puffs here and there, which is what you'll get with the Micro G and Cloud if you're not using a clearomizer attachment (again, it's an added bonus). And their custom clearomizers don't seem like great solutions, but again, I haven't tried one. As the saying goes, when you try to please everyone, everyone gets really disappointed and starts resenting the product. That's how the quote goes in Marketing meetings, anyways.


However, allow me to shamelessly recommend the Atmos Optimus V2:

The Atmos Optimus V2 is designed for e-juice, and is also compatible with other Atmos heating chambers. And it also has a very nice grip. And it's just an all-around nice guy, don't you think? Ok, enough plugging.

Check out my Micro G Pen Vape Review (which, by default, is a review of the Cloud Pen), and check out our online store for more vaporizer pens.


Hope that sums things up decently!





Daniel Lowe
Daniel Lowe


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