Which Vape Pen for Wax and Dry Herbs is the Best Vaporizer for You?

by Daniel Lowe August 09, 2017

Which Vape Pen for Wax and Dry Herbs is the Best Vaporizer for You?

As vaporizer popularity has increased substantially over the past few years, many manufacturers are moving to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for new portable vaporizer products. Consumer preferences vary wildly: Some consumers are calling for more powerful and stealthy convection vaporizers; others would like to see the exact opposite, which would be a line of more compact and low-power wax and oil vaporizers.

The explosion of options can leave consumers who are not fully invested or knowledge about cannabis products feeling bewildered. After all, not everybody is able to keep up with the latest vaporizer news and breakthroughs. Instead, many consumers are looking for a quality vape pen that can handle multiple cannabis-derived substances and that will not break the bank. Think of them as a 3 in 1 vape pen or you can also just call them multi-purpose vaporizer pens.

Thankfully, there several fantastic examples of this sort of product, all of which are available at Vape Vet Store. Using this guide should get you closer to determining what sort of product you’re seeking, what kinds of substances you would like for your vape pen to be able to handle, and the approximate size that you would like for your vaporizer to be.

Pocket Vape for Dry Herb and Wax

Pocket Vape w/ Threaded Coils 

The most old-school of the bunch, this Pocket Vape is also one of the most portable of vape pens in existence.

Vaporizer connoisseurs will recall that an earlier iteration of the Pocket Vape, the Pocket Vape original, debuted without threaded coils; that is to say, its coils were not able to be screwed on and off the battery. Instead, the battery was used strictly for specific kinds of wax atomizers.

For customers who were hoping for a change, that is just what they got. Instead of making the battery and atomizer inseparable, the newer generation of Pocket Vape batteries are designed for atomizers to be screwed on and off. Consumers may now choose to use the Pocket Vape solely with wax atomizers, dry herb atomizers, or mix and match at their leisure.

AGO G5 Vape Pen for Wax and Dry Herb


Like the Pocket Vape, the AGO G5 has been through several iterations before producing the product we know today. Yet the reason why this vape is truly multi-functional is its coil.

The AGO G5 boasts a sizable atomizer -- also known as a heating chamber -- into which the consumer may place either dry herbs or wax. This is attributable to the AGO G5 heating coil, referred to as a ‘pancake’ coil for its flat and round surface.

It is important to bear in mind, however, that both substances may not be used with the same heating chamber. Because each substance has its own unique effect on the heating coil, using both erodes the coil’s ability to properly heat the other substance if it is attempted to be used.

Another factor aiding the AGO G5 in its multi-purpose ability is its battery. Many of the old-school-type vape pens lag behind their competitors because of the pen’s inability to last longer than a few hours. The AGO G5, however, boasts a 650 mAh battery, which is more than enough to keep the vape pen active throughout a day or evening.

Finally, the AGO G5 utilizes an LCD screen that monitors each of the puffs taken by the consumer, as well as its battery level. This only adds to the vape pen's character as one of multiple uses, as it provides the consumer with a greater sense of both how much remains of the battery life and roughly how much remains of the substance that they are smoking.

AGO G5 Junior Vape Pen

Atmos Jr. (AGO G5 JR)

The AGO G5 is not the only pancake-coil vape pen to make this list; it is joined by the Atmos Jr. vape pen, one of the chief values of which is its size.

The Atmos Vaporizer is comparable in threading, battery, and style to the AGO G5. Both feature Atmos threading -- which is also known as 610 threading -- as well as a silicon mouthpiece and a ceramic filter in which to vape either dry herbs or wax. (Don’t forget: shatter and dry herbs do not mix and match well with pancake coils, so if you’re looking to do both with the same Atmos, better to buy another Atmos Rx heating chamber so that you can substitute them.)

While the Atmos Jr Vape Pen is missing the advantage of the AGO G5 vape pen's LCD screen, it compensates for it with a size that is virtually the height of convenience.

Box Mod Vape - Kamry


This is where things really get serious. Of all of the vaporizers for sale on Vape Vet Store, none is perhaps so diverse in its range of abilities -- and more powerful in doing them -- than is the Kangertech Vape.

Before getting into the Kamry’s specifics, it’s important to explain the phenomenon of box mod vape kits. As vaporization has become more popular in recent years, box mods -- which were operating on another level in terms of power output -- began being used essentially as portable dab pens. Interchangeable atomizers were then developed that would enable consumers to use the awesome power of these devices for three purposes -- using dry herbs, wax, and eliquids. 

That is where the Kamry comes in. The 510-threaded box mod is compatible with eliquid tanks such as the Zealot or wax atomizers like the Yocan Cerum.

As if getting to vape both eliquid and wax with the same vaporizer wasn’t enough, there is the bonus of the Kamry's extensive battery power. The Kangertech’s battery can be adjusted in 0.1 increments to reach between 7 and a staggering 30 watts.

There are different maximum settings that are recommended for dry herbs, eliquids and shatter when using the Kamry. Eliquid consumers often like to crank the box mod as close as possible to its 30-watt limit in order to produce huge clouds of smoke. Wax users, however, are cautioned to not set the vape to over 25 watts: Wax atomizers are not intended to reach beyond this point and may be damaged if the heat is increased past that level.  If you're using a dry herb atomizer such as the Yocan 94F, you also don't need to set the wattage above 15 watts.  Using a Yocan 94F on a box mod is like taking a quick bong hit.  Have a go at it.  It's a lot of fun.  

To Sum Up: The Pocket Vape, the AGO G5, the Atmos Jr., and the Kamry all provide diverse dry herb wax and eliquid experiences that all consumers would be lucky to experience.  If you want to learn more about vaporizers and vaping in general you can read these related articles below 

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