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Apex True Dry Herb Vaporizer has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 140 reviews.

Heats to 380°, 400°, or 420° F for thick vapor. No combustion. Fits in pocket.

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Apex True Dry Herb Vaporizer

$ 99.95
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Quick Review

  • Easy to use. Made for vaporizing dry herbs (conduction)
  • Quick heat up time (45-90 seconds depending on temperature setting)
  • Amount of vapor with herbs = high/very high
  • Amount of vapor with wax / liquids = medium (using wax can)
  • Amount of combustion = none
  • Flavor of vapor = full flavor
  • Requires longer charge time (3-5 hours)

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Please be advised:

  • Vapor is not as thick as smoke. If you want smoke, you don't need a vaporizer.
  • Vapor from herbs is not as thick as vapor from e-cigs and e-liquid. They are two different types of vapor.
  • Thank you for making an informed purchase decision.


The Apex True Dry Herb vaporizer

Apex. ey-peks (noun) - 1. The highest point.

MAXIMUM vapor with ZERO combustion!

The intelligently designed heating chamber for the Apex features an oven-style, conduction heating system with no exposed heating elements. This means there is zero danger of combusting your herbs or tobacco, while providing even heating throughout the chamber!


The oven-style heating chambers that heats up to 380°, 400°, or 420° F for maximum vapor and ZERO combustion.

Apex Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer demonstration

Please be advised:

  • Vapor is not as thick as smoke. If you want smoke, you don't need a vaporizer.
  • Vapor from herbs is not as thick as vapor from e-cigs and e-liquid. They are two different types of vapor.
  • Thank you for making an informed purchase decision.


What's included in the box

  • 1x Apex portable dry herb vaporizer
  • 1x Oil / Wax / Liquid can
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Micro USB charger
  • 1x Wall charging adapter
  • 5x Spare metal screen filters
  • 3x Silicone mouth protector caps
  • 2x Extended mouth caps
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Packing tool
  • 1 Year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects

Be sure to check our Dry Herb Grinder.


Try one for yourself at one of our retail partners in New York City:

  • Smoke Scene - 9th Ave between 52nd and 53rd & 9th Ave between 45th and 46th
  • Smoke Shop on West 4th and 6th Ave
  • Village Pop - 6th Ave between West 3rd and West 4th

How it works

It's very easy.

  1. Opening the chamber: grip the mouthpiece with the "A" facing you. Pull the mouthpiece sideways and upwards to pop it off 
  2. Grind your herbs and fill your heating chamber a little over 4 fifths full.
  3. Place your ground herbs inside the chamber and snap the mouthpiece back on.
  4. Press the power button 5 times rapidly to turn the device on/off.
  5. Wait about 1-1.5 minutes for the chamber to reach desired temperature. The power button will go from red (heating) to green (ready).
  6. Inhale very lightly and slowly. You pull more vapor with slow, sustained draws than quick, powerful draws.
  7. Change the temperature by holding the power button down for 5 seconds.
  8. The temperature cycles from red (380 degrees Fahrenheit) to green (400 degrees) and finally blue (420 degrees)
  9. After 10 minutes, the device will automatically power off to conserve battery. It's best to let it cool down for 5 minutes before using again.
  10. Enjoy!


  1. It's best to only charge the device once the power is completely drained
  2. Gently insert any micro-USB cable into the port on the Apex. It does not require much force.
  3. Connect the other end of the USB cable to a wall charger
  4. Once the light turns green (3-5 hours), gently remove the USB cable. It's best not the keep the device plugged in after it is already fully charged.


Apex vs the the others

First come, first serve.

The Apex came out months before the launch of our competitors. 


(More) Apples to (less) apples.

The Apex includes everything in the other kits, but more (wall chargers, wax/oil/liquid can for vaping more than dry herbs, better battery, and a packing tool).


Keep Calm and Vape On.

The Apex vapes for 10 minutes before the automatic shut-off period, compared to 3 minutes with other units (that's barely enough time to get started!)


Setting the bar high (and hitting the right spots in between)

The lowest temperature setting on the Apex is 380 degrees Fahrenheit vs 320 on the G Pro and some others. The Apex also has settings at 400 and 420 for the best range of vapor production.


Show me your warrant(y)

Our entire device is backed by our 1-Year Warranty and 30-day Hassle Free return policy, vs the 1-Year "electrical parts" warranty from Grenco Sciences.


What Makes the Apex a "True" Portable Vaporizer?

No Exposed Heating Element

Get pure vapor and no combustion with every hit.

Apex heating chamber - no exposed heating element

Choose your preferred vaping experience

The chamber has 3 temperature settings:

  • Lowest setting: 380° F (red), produces a lighter amount of vapor with the least amount of odor.
  • Highest setting: 420° F (blue), produces the thickest vapor.
  • Middle setting: 400° F (green), is the perfect balance between the two.

Apex temperature settings

*This picture is slightly outdated. By popular demand, we've dropped 360 degrees in favor of having 380, 400, and 420 degrees.

Why these temperature settings?

Most herbs and plants vaporize between 350° F and 450° F. Anything lower, and the herb will simply not produce vapor. The closer you get to 450° F, the closer the plant will get to combusting and releasing the harmful toxins that vaporizing strives to prevent. A range between 380° and 420° is perfect for most herbs.


Great for on-the-go vaping

The Apex is great for discreet, on-the-go vaporizing. It's slim, light, and easy to carry at just 5.5 x 1.0 inches. It doesn't look like a vaporizer, and there is very little odor produced on the lower temperature settings. The device also lasts for over an hour on a full charge. It does require 5-6 hours to fully charge, but you can use the device while charging (if the battery is not completely drained).


Apex size - 5 inches by 1 inch

Chamber size

The heating chamber of the Apex holds a little over a pipe-sized bowl of tobacco or herbs. And since only the chamber near the top gets hot, your device remains comfortable to hold in your hands. If the mouthpiece becomes too hot near the end of a vaping session, you an also place the silicone mouth protector over the mouthpiece to keep your lips comfortable.

Other Benefits vs Other Portable Vapes

  1. The Apex is battery powered and charges simply with any micro USB cable (one is included)
  2. The chamber can hold more than some other portable vaporizers
  3. Draw resistance is very low when the chamber is packed correctly (about 3/4 or 4/5 full)
  4. Cleaning the device is extremely easy--simply dump out the herbs, or use a cleaning brush if necessary
  5. Nice, thick, tasty clouds of vapor on the high temperature setting, and very low odor, less visible vapor on the low settings, so you can decide how stealthy you need to be.
  6. Much smaller and more portable than some similar devices


Tips for Getting the Most Vapor

A lot of things come into play with a dry herb vaporizer: drying the herbs, the type of herbs, how slowly you inhale, and how much time you wait between each inhale can all increase or decrease the amount of vapor you get per hit. Here are tips for getting the most vapor from your Apex:

Use the highest setting: Using the highest temperature setting (blue) will produce the most vapor.

Slow and steady wins the race: Those that inhale quick, deep, and often should try to slow the pace down a bit. It's going to take about 5 or so seconds to really produce a hit's worth of vapor. Trying taking a slow inhale for about 5 seconds, then wait for about 10-15 seconds before taking another hit.

Dry and grind your herbs: the condition of the herbs can make a big difference.

Cover the mouthpiece: Some people who wait a long time between hits have said that covering the mouthpiece between hits helps.

Keep the filter clean: Making sure the filter on the bottom of the mouthpiece isn't blocked or clogged is also very important, because that's where the vapor must pass through.

Don't obsess over "clouds": How long you hold the vapor in will affect how much you exhale. Holding vapor in longer absorbs more, meaning less exhaled vapor, and vice versa. Vapor is not supposed to be a thick cloud of smoke. Only the first few hits would be that thick, as the oils with the lowest boiling temperature are consumed first.

There are essentially 2 ways to tell if the device is working:

  1. You can physically feel the top half getting warmer during use
  2. Your herbs are a darker color after use


A quick test: If you load the chamber, remove the mouthpiece, and wait for the device to reach the highest temperature, you can see the stream of vapor. It looks more like what you'd see from a boiling pot of water (on a smaller scale) and less like what you'd see from a burning cigarette. You may have to watch next to a dark or black background (this is why most vape demonstration videos are filmed in front of a black background--to help show the vapor).

Ultimately, we recommend: using the highest setting, packing dried herbs about 3/4 full, taking a slow and steady inhale every 15 seconds, and holding each hit for about 5 seconds. If you're not going to take another hit for a while, turn the device off in the meantime--it won't take as long to heat back up when you turn it back on.

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