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Yocan 94F Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

"When it comes to pen-style vaporizers and pipes, the Yocan 94F chamber size truly sets it apart."

Yocan 94F Dry Herb Vaporizer

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We've all heard the phrase "less is more." But you know who hasn't? The people at Yocan Tech. That's pretty much how I would sum up the Yocan 94F package: More. It comes with more stuff than the average portable vaporizer pen. You can pack more into its abudnantly large chamber. And, therefore, you get more bang for your buck. For these reasons, the Yocan 94F is probably one of the best portable pens for dry herbs. I've used pens like the Atmos Raw Rx and G5 pens, but nothing compares to the chamber size, reliability, and functionality of the 94F when it comes to pen-style vaporizers. So when it comes to pen-style vaporizers and pipes, the Yocan 94F truly sets itself apart.


Bring on the Herbs

This pen is made for dry herbs, and it handles them like a beast. It's not really made to work with wax concentrates or oils and liquids. There are better devices out there for that (some made by Yocan). But are there better pens for dry herbs? Eh... I don't know. The Yocan 94F is a step above competitors like the Atmos Rx or G5 pens for reasons we explain below.


Greatest Hits

The Yocan 94F is simply better at what it sets out to do than other portable pens like the Atmos. The heating chamber is larger, so you can pack it completely and still get many great hits per load. I would estimate about 2-3 pipe-sized bowls (depending) go inside this chamber. That much yields between 10 - 15 (sometimes more) hits per chamber.

There's no limiting how much you pack to get an effective hit like with the Atmos. This is thanks to the heating coils, which are bigger and get hotter, with a 12 wrap, dual-coil style. They also don't break (more on that later). The 94F also has a really cool mouthpiece with a built in, spring-mechanism packing tool. You just press down to pack your herbs closer to the coil. It's really neat and well thought out.

One major point to keep in mind is that you need a few glass screens to help vaporize your herbs (an optional inclusion with a purchase at the Vape Vet Store). The glass screens will act as a barrier between the herbs and heating coil, allowing for vaporization through conduction. Remember that the chamber is large. We now have custom-fitted glass screens to perfectly match the chamber size, but if you're not buying from the Vape Vet Store, just make sure you have enough glass screens to cover the entire heating coil. And be sure to check out our tutorial on how to use of a glass screen filter to vaporize herbs.

Vaporizing using glass screens is not the same as using something like a Pax, but for the price, you might find this a perfectly fine option.


Custom-fitted glass screens available for 94F

Glass screen filters with Yocan 94F (now come in 1.2 cm size instead of 1.0 cm for an even better fit)


And one final note on the ease-of-use: compared to other portable vape pens, the 94F is a little hard to clean thoroughly. To really clear everything out, you must unscrew the individual pieces (mouthpiece and chamber). Despite having a cool packing tool built into the piece, it's also necessary to unscrew the mouthpiece and manually shuffle your herbs around to consistently get good hits. This is typical of most portable pens, though.

So while it may not be as versatile as an Atmos, it does what it sets out to do extremely well and with relative ease. To review:


Pack a Bigger Punch

One thing that makes the Yocan 94F so much better is size. The 94F's heating chamber is at least 3x as large as an Atmos, G Pen, or G5 Pen. But in addition to that, you can pack the chamber to the brim and still burn through all your herb without a problem. Compare this to the Atmos or G Pens, where you have to limit yourself to packing a small amount into the chamber, and you can start to realize the benefit. There is less reloading. More hits per load. And you can carry more inside the device on-the-go. It all adds up to a better experience.


Yocan 94F large heating chamber and hot coils
That's a mightly large chamber if we do say so ourselves. At least a bowl if not more.

They thought of everything

Then there are the added bonuses that the Yocan. First, the mouthpiece works as its own, built-in packing tool. Have your herbs drifted away from the heating coil? Don't bother unscrewing anything, just press down on the mouthpiece to push everything back into place. It's really cool once you see it in action. This is also one of those features that helps the 94F get more hits per load than its competitors.

Another thing you may have noticed when using pen-style vaporizers is that they tend to get really hot if you power them continuously for a few minutes (which you have to do to get better vape hits). I've burned my fingers pressing the power button on an Atmos Raw before, and it's really annoying to have to wait to take another hit just because the device is too hot! The Yocan 94F doesn't have this problem. First, the battery is not as close to the heating chamber, so the power button isn't going to get hot while you heat up the device. Second, a well-placed pyrex glass tube covers the heating chamber. This helps insulate the heating chamber, allowing you to hold onto the device without burning your fingers, even after consecutively powering it. A nice touch, indeed.


At the Vape Vet Store, we provide packages that include a long-lasting 1100 mAh battery and USB adapter + wall charger to get you going. Finally, throw in the custom-fitted glass screen filter that comes with our complete kit, and you'll get better vaporization and less combustion. And if you're looking for combusting like an electronic-pipe, the welcome to combustion heaven.


All of this... can be yours.

Stronger. Faster. And in every way superior? I'll take 3!

One unfortunate side effect of some portable vaporizer pens is that they can break down on you after a while. Whether it's a Micro G coil or an Atmos Raw heating chamber, issues tend to arise. However, Yocan Tech has taken measures to prevent such problems with the 94F. For starters, the heating coils are just plain better than what you'll see in an Atmos or G5 pen. They're connected better, and less likely to come loose even after extended use.

Second, and probably most important, is the Yocan 94F comes with 3 total heating coils. So even if you ruin your first heating coil (I don't know... you accidently yank out the coil while cleaning it or something ridiculous. I won't judge), you still have TWO back-ups at your disposal.Keep in mind that the first one is already better quality and lasts longer than its competitors. Each coil is estimated to last at least 2-3 months, depending on use, for a total of 6-9+ months. Yeah, major props to Yocan Tech on that one!


A little lop-sided

Like most portable vaporizer pens, this is small and cylindrical in shape. When I say "small" that's a somewhat relative term, though. The  chamber is a bit larger than what you'll see with other pen-style vapes. That's both a good and bad thing. As explained earlier, the larger chamber is great for functionality, but when it comes to style, it looks just a bit clunky having a small, sleek battery underneath a behemoth-sized dry herb attachment.

Other than size, the 94F looks pretty sleek. It's brandless, chrome finish and pyrex glass gives it a certain air of class and sophistication, especially when other devices are starting to go the route of heaving branding (think Jesus Piece pens). I definitely appreciated the minimalist design here.

What's Included

A lot of great value comes with this package:

Heating coils: 3x (each lasting 4-6 weeks, depending on use)

Heating coil type: 12 wrap coils

Battery capacity: 1100 mAh (optional)

Heating chamber size: Large

Glass screen filter to enhance vaporization (optional)

Note: If you're buying the Standalone Dry Herb Attachment, it should be compatible with most 510 thread batteries, including Ago G5 and eGo batteries. Compatibility with other batteries isn't guaranteed. You can grab a compatible battery and charger kit separately here.




+ Very reliable, long-lasting heating coils
+ Large and effective heating chamber
+ Nice functional considerations (re-packing, glass tube)



- Does dry herbs well, but does lack some versatility
- Cleaning can be more time consuming than other pens
- The large chamber looks a little clunky with the battery attached
- Not technically a true dry herb vaporizer out of the box, but glass screen helps


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