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Atmos Transporter Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Atmos Transporter True Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

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The Atmos Transporter marks both Atmos' first true vaporizer for dry herbs and its stealthiest design yet. Those two things are enough for me to recognize this as Atmos' best vape for dry herbs, with the pen-shaped Orbit in a close second (depending on your preference for the shape and design of the devices).


The heating chamber

The chamber in the Transporter features what Atmos is calling an "embedded heating element." This means, like other true vaporizers, there are no exposed heating coils. Instead, the chamber works like an oven, getting hot enough to cause your herbs to produce vapor through direct contact. The vapor is pure, smooth, and ample with the Transporter.


The Design

The Transporter is designed to throw the unsuspecting bystander off. It purposefully looks more like a flask than a vaporizer, making it look like you're taking a sip while you're actually taking a toke. Pretty cool. Perhaps the only drawback is that you'll now look as though you're drinking alcohol (not ideal for driving!), but at least, for most circumstances, it's the lesser of the two vices.

The bottom swivels out to reveal the hidden heating chamber, and the top cap unscrews to reveal the mouthpiece. And at roughly 7.25 cubic inches (3.25 x 2.25 x 1) and weighing in at 6 ounces, the device is small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket without any problems.


Atmos Transporter heating chamber - no exposed heating element
Stay stealthy with the swivel-style heating chamber cover

Chamber capacity

If you're not grinding your herbs, the chamber can hold a large bowls worth of material. If you're grinding them (recommended), then you can get two bowls inside the chamber.



After loading up your herbs, it takes about 45 seconds for the chamber to heat up. After that, you're ready to vape at your own pace--puffing as frequently as you desire. Odor is kept to a minimum (noticeable if someone is actually sniffing the device up close). If you screw the cap on, odor is kept to a minimum. You'll get nice, visible clouds of vapor that dissipate quickly.


Overall, the Transporter is Atmos' best device yet for dry herbs. If you still want a device for both wax and herbs, look into the new R2, and of course the long-time staples, the Rx and Jr. But if you don't want to work with glass screens, won't be using wax concentrates, and want absolutely no combustion, the Transporter is the way to go.


Buy the Atmos Transporter True Dry Herb Vaporizer
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