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Aspire Nautilus E-liquid Vaporizer Review

Is bigger better?  Yes and no... But mostly yes.

Aspire Nautilus E-liquid Vaporizer Kit

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At first glance, I thought the Aspire Nautilus was about the same as my Kanger AeroTank. About the same size. Same "airflow" trick. And, presumably, same amount of vapor and flavor.

Looks are definitely deceiving, because after trying one first hand, I can say I was wrong on all accounts. Now, that's not to say the Aspire Nautilus is leaps and bounds ahead of Kanger in terms of quality, but when you add up the benefits, it does make for a truly compelling vaporizer that we highly recommend. Here's why:


It's a Beast.

One of our first reviews was for the Yocan 94F, a dry herb attachment that many praise for its immense heating chamber size. The Aspire Nautilus is a similar beast for e-juice and e-liquid. I thought the AeroTank was impressive touting a capacity of 2.5 mL, but it barely puts a dint in the Aspire Nautilus massive 5 mL tank. So if you're someone who vaporizes consistently throughout the day and don't want to bother refilling your tank, this thing is built to last you.

Cloud 9

With the massive tank size also comes massive clouds of vapor. Thanks to some exquisite airflow from the chamber to the mouthpiece, you'll get steady, unobstructed, smooth vapor clouds from your Nautilus. There's also a feature to adjust how much vapor flows through while inhaling. These four settings are very easy to adjust by simply spinning a ring around the bottom of the tank. It sounds the same as the AeroTank, but it's actually much easier when you try it out for yourself. And even on the lowest airflow setting, you can still get a good, consistent draw that culminates in the clouds you know and love.


Cleaning and Maintenance

A final leg up the Aspire Nautilus has over other tanks out there is just how easy it is to maintain. While most tanks now let you swap out coils as needed, the Nautilus goes a bit further in my opinion. You can take apart the entire tank. What this means is that it's easier to clean it out if you want to change e-juice flavors. You can take apart the mouthpiece, glass tank, and atomizer to wipe them all down in preparation for the next flavor. And, as with any tank worth caring about, there are no leaks to speak of.


A Matter of Taste

The one area where I feel the Nautilus could have improved is the amount of flavor you get from each hit. It's definitely there, but on the intake, it's somewhat subtle and doesn't fill your throat with flavor as much as my personal favorite, the Mini ProTank 3. It's all good on the exhale though, so if flavor is not a top priority for your vaping experience, this is nothing to worry about. And if you have a variable volt battery, you can definitely crank up the temp to pull out more potential flavor from the unit.



The Aspire Nautilus is for the heavy vaper, and it shows. The tank is huge. The clouds are huge. And the emphasis is on getting the maximum amount of vapor. The flavor isn't quite as thick as with some other vaporizers I've used, but this may not be as important for you. Overall, the Aspire Nautilus is definitely worth a try.


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Technical stuff for those who care:

  • 510-threading (most universal threading style)
  • Wickless, bottom dual coil design
  • 1.7 ohm resistance on the atomizer
  • Voltage / Power range 3V-6V or 3W-15W (full range for most variable volt batteries)
  • Package includes: 2 total coils, 1 beauty ring, product authenticity code (to protect against counterfeits)
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